Rent Assistance in West Virginia

Help with Rent - West Virginia

Economically disadvantaged single mothers work tirelessly to keep their families sheltered. This article will discuss useful resources that single moms can access in West Virginia.

Churches and Charities Assistance in West Virginia

Faithworks collaborates with other churches and ministries to target the basic requirements of the community. They run multiple programs aimed at ending the housing crisis in West Virginia. They also work together with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development. They offer emergency services to individuals in crisis. The Tenant-Based Rental Assistance program offers monetary backing to homeless families to help them find stable permanent homes. The Emergency Food and Shelter program provide food and temporary shelter to those in need. They also offer money to pay out rentals and utility bills.  Pay It Forward Program offers emergency monetary assistance to those having money-related problems.  These funds can be used to pay rentals, electricity and gas, water, and sewer. Faithworks operates a daycare shelter called The Potter's House. It was opened a few years ago in partnership with the United Methodist Churches. It offers shelter, food, safety, and security for victims of domestic and gender-based violence (mainly women and children). In collaboration with United Way Community Impact Grant, they donated funds and food hampers to several households in crisis.

Christian Help is a church-affiliated organization with the sole purpose of helping all those in need in any possible. They treat everyone equally providing support and services to people of a different race, gender, background, and ethnicity. Christian Help quickly responds to the problems and needs of the community. They accept donations and charitable contributions to help those facing poverty and homelessness.  Through various programs, the group of staff and volunteers at Christian Help improve the quality of life of many individuals through community activity thereby creating a more prominent association between the community and its members. They help people achieve economic stability and individual fulfillment. They assist with shelter, food, security, bill payments (power and sewer). They also provide medical assistance and job placements. They operate a pantry which accepts food donations to be passed on to those who require them.

Eviction and Legal Assistance in West Virginia

The Southwest Virginia Legal Aid Society (SVLAS) provides support for low-income families in legal issues. These legal services are offered for free. They own and operate their private law firm. They are focused on the security, safety, wellbeing, housing situation, food availability, and work and education status of the community members. They assist the elderly, women and children, and those with physical disabilities. They represent the community in matters of unlawful evictions, child custody, immigration, employee rights and compensations, foreclosures, unpaid utility bills. They also offer educational services, support groups, and counseling. In legal cases, they try to settle the matters without going to court. This saves time and lots of money for all the parties involved. They deal with the most sensitive cases such as homelessness and domestic violence first.

Rental Home Improvement Assistance in West Virginia

The Safe Housing and Economic Development (SHED) provides relief funds to low-income earning families for domestic repairs and maintenance. They quickly respond to matters involving security, health, and safety dangers. Those who qualify for SHED assistance identify the problems which require immediate attention and notify the SHED consultants. If approved, the work is contracted to qualified personnel. This domestic repair and maintenance program is supported by the Community Works and the funds are donated by the Benedum Foundation. Most of the work is done by qualified consultants from different fields of study voluntarily basis. The Safe Housing and Economic Development change the livelihood of various families in a positive direction by enabling them with the appropriate funds and support necessary for socio-economic development. This, therefore, creates a healthy, steady, safe, secure and sustainable community.