The Hope Program for Single Mothers

All resources under the HOPE Program can help single mothers and low-income residents living in the South Bronx and beyond to build a sustainable future where they can cater to both their needs and that of their families. Below are the various resources available at the HOPE Program in which you, as a single mother, can significantly benefit. Joining the HOPE Program as a single mother can make motherhood and job searches easier.

What is the HOPE Program?

The HOPE is a unique program created in the year 1984 by Deborah MacFarlane-Antoine, a Ph.D. student at Columbia University in Manhattan and operated by a non-organization where individuals without jobs could join, secure, and retain good jobs by working on creating and delivering excellent resumes and interviews. Among many others, this resume builder from Adobe will help you a lot.

Objectives of the HOPE Program

The HOPE program, a parent organization of Sustainable South Bronx, strives to help single mothers find connections, resources, and prospects to build independence and improve results among each other, through comprehensive job training, advancement, and housing support.

What type of assistance can a Single Mother benefit from the HOPE Program?

You get to receive job/employment assistance such as job searches and interview classes from the HOPE Program after joining them.

What income qualifies for the HOPE Program?

For you to require employment or a job, it means you must be earning very little from your current situation and forced to quit and find a new one, or you are earning nothing as a result of your no employment status. After checking the income derived from your current job and you decide to leave and look for new ones, you can go ahead to fill and satisfy their requirements to become a student.

How to become a student of the Program?

To become a student of the program, you will need to first meet their requirements and signup here before proceeding to join them on any of their start dates. Or come for an info hearing to learn all about their program on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8:45 am in their Bronx or Brooklyn offices.

What are the requirements for the HOPE Program?

Aside from the extra requirements needed by some specific resources in the HOPE program, the general requirements to be satisfied to be eligible for the funds on the HOPE Program, you must:

  • Be ready to engage and fully work in a full-time program.
  • Be of age 18 years or older.
  • Be legitimately qualified to work in the United States.

Note, no diploma or high school certificate is required for you to become eligible for their resources.

What are the resources a Single Mother can get after becoming a Student of the Program?

The different resources that are made available to the students of the HOPE Program include:

  • Clothing items are made available to the current students and graduates of the HOPE Program donated by individuals and community groups.
  • Daily breakfast and lunch meals are made available to the students alongside healthy snacks throughout the day.
  • The HOPE Program provides a limited number of MetroCards for students and graduates who do not have funds for transportation.
  • Digital Literacy. Essential digital skills that one needs to secure and maintain employment in the modern world are taught to the students of the HOPE Program through classes and workshops. These digital training given out are tailored to the career goals of each individual.
  • Work Wellness. Work Wellness classes are made available weekly to the HOPE students, where values and support needed to achieve goals and expertly deal with life problems and challenges.
  • Financial Literacy. The HOPE Program offers financial literacy workshops where their students are taught how to remain financially stable after acquiring a job or employment.

What can I gain by joining one of their job clubs?

As a graduate of the HOPE Program, you are encouraged to join their job clubs until you can secure suitable employment. And by joining their job club, you get to have:

  • A continued job training to keep your job search and interview skills in a top notch.
  • A resume preparation and continued job interview assistance.
  • Makeshift workshops for interview skills.
  • Staff support to help you with your job searches.
  • Internet Access and a printer for use.
  • A MetroCard if you qualify.

Are there still any benefits for you at the HOPE Program after graduating?

Yes, there are still resources graduates of the HOPE Program can benefit from such as:

  • Weekly MetroCards and Gift cards are made available within the few months of your employment or when you get a promotion at your workplace.
  • Career advancement. With the help of Employment Specialists, you can plan your next career stages.
  • Financial Literacy. Various workshops and classes are made available for graduates concerning on how best to manage your finances.