Child Support for Single Mothers

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

Getting the Child Support for your child/children can help relieve you of a greater part of your financial responsibility of raising them as a single mother.

Child Support Coverage

During a divorce or separation among parents, it is usually difficult and important to determine the child support especially when both parents do not agree on what expenses and needs that should be covered.

What is covered under Child Support?

Normal expenses such as food, shelter, transportation, clothing, and education that help in the exclusive raising of the child is covered under Child Support.

How does Child Support work?

After applying for the Child Support Services at any of their local offices; the local child support office then seeks to find the other parent, create a parentage legally, and ensure the collected resources is directed to the parent owned support. Although, it is important to note that, the process involved in the Child Support can vary based on your location since every state and country is different.

Does Child Support pay for school supplies?

Yes, school supplies are clearly expenses that are generally faced when raising children.

How does Child Support work if the father has no job?

If the father has no job or source of income, he still has to provide child support although, the payments to be made by him could be conditioned based on what he is expected to earn and the ease for a job to be found.

Does Child Support increase at age 12?

No, the age of the child does not necessarily affect the payment received for child support.

Child Support Allocation

Child Support allotment can be either be simple or complex depending on the number of cases the payer made and if the payment is full or not. This and many more is put into consideration when distributing Child Support payments.

Can I refuse to accept Child Support?

Both the father and the mother cannot refuse to accept the child support on behalf of their child.

Can stay at home moms receive Child Support?

Yes they can, only if they are the custodian parent i.e. they are the ones in charge of raising and living with the child.

Can parents agree on Child Support amount?

Yes they can, though; the agreements stipulated by both parents must be approved by the court after satisfying certain guidelines.

Qualifications and Requirements for Child Support

In order to qualify for child support, you will need to satisfy certain conditions and provide documents as a custodian parent. Some of these conditions are:
1.  Proof that you are the custodian parent
2.  List of the child’s needs and educational requirements
3.  Proof of the financial means and employment background of each parent

Terms and Conditions for Child Support

Judges make decisions about child support based on certain child support guidelines. If both parents can make their own agreements, there might be a degree of flexibility on the child support amount as long as it is just. Some of these terms and conditions for child support according to the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) include:
1.  The Child Support and custody pertaining the child will occur in the child’s home.
2.  Before the court can endorse any arrangement such as visitation and support, the court must decide on the “best interest of the child” standard, etc.

What is the average Child Support Payment for one child?

The average monthly child support for one child is $430 in United States according to the latest statistics from the 2010 Census.

What happens to Child Support if ex loses job?

If either parent loses his or her job, he or she still has to provide child support regardless of his or her employment status.

Can Child Support be dropped?

Yes, child support can be dropped when the court has reviewed your current monetary situation and decide whether or not you should stop child support payment.

Requirements (Spousal) for paying Child Support

The requirements of each parent in child support vary on whether or not he or she is a custodian parent or not. For example, if you are not the custodian parent of the child then, you are expected to pay majority of the child support payments. You can meet your child support lawyer to know more about your requirements.

Does Child Support go down if the father has another baby?

Child support is affected partly in most cities and countries by family size. So, child support payment may reduce if the father has another child (baby).