Dental Assistance under Medicaid

Your dental health care is an essential aspect of your well-being. And you can’t afford to keep a bad tooth for long as it will affect your productivity and your health. Single American mothers don’t have coverage of dental care in most states under the Medicaid program. But there are alternatives that you can use to solve your dental health issues. In this article, we’ll discuss the fundamental questions about dental assistance under Medicaid and the alternative health care schemes to solve your dental health challenges.

Does Medicaid cover dental for adults?

No. Medicaid only covers dental health care for children. But some states cover part of your dental health bills. If you reside in any of these states, be sure to contact your local Medicaid personnel to brief you about how to qualify for dental health care.  As a single mom who lives in a state which doesn’t provide dental health coverage, there are several alternatives to explore. You can’t let your financial challenges stop you from accessing good dental health care. We’d discuss this later in this article. But you can visit to learn more about Medicaid dental coverage.

Which states have Medicaid dental health coverage for adults?

There are only eighteen states where Medicaid dental coverage is available. And it applies to emergency dental operations only. These dental care services could be; medical procedures to get rid of infections, stop bleeding, extract the patient’s tooth to bring instant relief, etc. Although there are requirements that you’d meet to qualify for Medicaid dental care coverage. Here are the states where you’d get dental coverage under the Medicaid program: New Hampshire, Hawaii, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Arizona, Idaho, Maryland, Montana, Texas, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, and Utah. Ensure you call your local Medicaid office to learn more about the requirements for your state. For more information, please visit

How do I use Medicaid for my dental health?

If you live in any state where Medicaid covers dental health care, follow this process to get started on your Medicaid health insurance plan. Visit your local Medicaid agency office in person to apply. You can also apply online. To successfully register for Medicaid, you’ll need a means of identification, proof of citizenship, income statement, proof of residence, and proof of disability. After you’ve filled the form and submitted the required documents, you’ll need to talk to your state Medicaid officer to know more about the dental plans that are available to you. Ensure you get comprehensive details of the dental health services from the Medicaid personnel. You can visit to learn how to use Medicaid.

If you live in a state where Medicaid doesn’t have dental coverage for adults, here are some options you could explore.

Free Dental Clinics Near You

Some states provide free dental health care to American citizens. Government agencies or private organizations establish these clinics. They offer medical services that are essential to society. You can research about them to know about the free clinics in your state. The free clinics usually have a grant from donor organizations and individuals to cover the dental care cost of patients. You should ask your doctor for referrals. Endeavor to visit a free dental care clinic to learn more about the requirements for you to qualify for a dental grant.

Clinical Trials

National Institutes of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) is the agency responsible for the improvement of the craniofacial, oral, and dental health of the American citizens. NIDCR conducts research and distributes their findings to the public. Occasionally they seek volunteers with dental health challenges to participate in their research studies. Volunteers are sometimes given low-cost or free oral health care for the particular condition under investigation. To participate in a clinical trial, endeavor to research the organization in charge of the trial. And find out more about their requirements to become a participant in the clinical trial. Visit to get a comprehensive list of the clinical trials that you can participate in.

Dental Schools

A dental school is another excellent, cost-effective, and reliable place to get dental health care. As a single mom with oral health challenges, be sure to visit the teaching hospitals in your state. You can be rest assured that they have excellent teaching facilities, and the students are closely supervised by licensed and experienced dentists. Remember to visit to learn more about dental schools you can visit.

Community Health Centers That Offer Dental Services

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is a federal government agency that offers free or low-cost health services to Americans. They’re are funded by the federal government. Be sure to locate the nearest Community Health Center near you. You can visit their website at to learn about their dental health plans.