Grants for Single Mothers in Chicago

Single-parent families in the U.S seem increasing by the day. 80% of single parents in America are single mothers. Indeed, providing for the family can be a lot challenging for single moms. Thankfully, some Chicago-based resources – from health to food, legal, utility, housing – are a lifesaver to low earners, particularly to single mothers in Chicago.

Food Assistance

While America boasts being “the land of plenty”, many residents have barely enough for survival. No doubt, feeding is a major challenge for struggling single parents. A handful of humanitarian organizations help to provide feeding programs for persons in need. Feel free to accept these free offers and save on feeding.

Community Kitchen: As the name says, it’s a kitchen for everyone. Community Kitchen offers delicious and nutrient-rich meals every day, and to anyone in need. Besides, they offer family and child nutrition, nutrition counseling, and food pantry. Visit Community Kitchen’s website at to find out more about their feeding program and related services. Or, contact them at 773- 262-2297

Food Circle: Here’s a program that offers low-income earners supplies from local stores. The Food Circle gets items –particularly groceries – from the stores and dish out in bags to less privileged individuals and families. The initiative does its distribution through a lottery system. Interested individuals are required to collect numbers between 12:00 p.m. and 12:15 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. For more information, discuss with Food Circle at 773-313-0075 or visit their Facebook page at

Ravenswood Community Services: This is another community feeding program single mothers can tap into to cut down feeding costs. They offer assistance to single mothers and other low-income earners through mobile food pantries and food banks. If you seek food assistance, visit to learn more about their feeding plans or call 773-768-0282.

Foreclosure and Eviction Support

Indeed, housing is another major problem for single moms in Chicago.  To alleviate their financial burden, here is a list of helpful housing assistance schemes.

Chancery Advice Desk: If you are a single mother representing yourself in a case pending in the division, here is good news. The Chancery Advice Desk offers you all the legal consultations you’d need. Interestingly,  at no cost. Experienced attorneys are on the ground to provide professional legal recommendations and assist with basic pleadings in court. Note, however, that the attorneys may not stand for clients during court proceedings. Visit Chancery Advice Desk at Richard J. Daley Center located at CL 16 50 Washington. Office hours: 9: 00 am to 4:30 pm, Mondays to Fridays. No appointment booking. No Calls.

Lawyer Committee for Better Housing (LCBH): LCBH offers legal and related aids to assist low-income house renters. They aim to campaign for the right of everyone to get a decent, safe, and affordable home for everyone in Chicago. They offer free legal support to renters – particularly low-incomers. They can provide support with all aspects of eviction law. LCBH frowns against landlords who do not respect renters’ rights. They also help tenants understand what the law says concerning their situation. See more at or call 312-347-7600.

Utility Support

If you are a single mother struggling to meet up with your utility bills, you’re not alone – don’t feel awkward. Millions of single moms out there feel the same. The following organizations offer assistance to qualified low-income families and individuals. Feel free to use either of these services and spend relatively less on your utilities

Chicago Transit Authority Saving (CTA): CTA offers eligible persons subsidized or free rides via a range of programs. Single-parent students may be eligible for reduced transportation fares. They also offer free rides for seniors, military personal, and disabled persons. For more call TTY 888-CTA-TTY1, CTA at 888-YOUR-CTA or see more info online at

Emergency Funds: This comprises five programs. Amongt them, three offer financial aid to qualified individuals to settle their utility bills. Visit or call – 877-426-6515 – to find out how this organization can help out with your utilities.

Peoples Gas: As with other organizations, Peoples Gas understands how difficult it could be making ends meet. Hence they offer a range of assistance, basically financial and energy, to people in some financial stress. Visit for eligibility and other requirements or call 877-426-6515.

Legal Assistance

It can be depressing when you need legal help but can’t afford one. With this in mind, some attorneys and legal aid organizations offer no-cost assistance to qualified persons.

Center for Disability and Elder Law (CDEL): CDEL offers free legal aids for persons with disabilities and low earners. They offer consultancy services for divorce, financial abuse, power of attorney, eviction, and more. Visit or call 312-376-1880 for more on their services.

Legal Assistance Foundation LAF: LAF offers legal support to poor single mothers at no cost. They offer legal assistance to qualified families and individuals with cases, including housing, children, public benefits, and workers’ rights.

However, LAF’s services do not include criminal cases. Visit or call 312-341-1070

Medical Help

Community Health Organization: For an uninsured single mom, take advantage of this community health offer. Learn more at or call 773-395-9900.