Grants for Single Mothers in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis

Located in the heart of the north-eastern state of Indiana, Fort Wayne is just good enough for the critical survival of single moms as well as their children’ s welfare. With the surplus natural supply of tropical views, desert, and outdoor and many more outdoor splendor makes it easy for both monetary and social investment. However, an outstanding amount of organizations, as well as community programs, have both, directly and indirectly, come together throughout the state of Indiana to ensure that mothers who find themselves alone in the parenting world, should no longer feel alone. Different financial assistance options are available for low-income citizens to reduce the cost of services and to ensure their lives and their homes are in the best condition possible for them. These positively affects the lives of single mothers living in the city and across the state by having access to the essential things of life.

Medical Assistance

Health is as essential as breathing, and it should always be the number one thing to be put into consideration. In the case of single moms living in Fort Wayne, access to the best healthcare services is paramount even with the low income most of them receive. But for much lower and affordable access to excellent conditioned health care facilities, below are some of essential health care referrals at Indiana;

Fort Wayne- Allen County Department of Health – Proven to be one of the most formidable, the Department of Health located at Allen County also offers STD diagnosis and treatments, but all for an affordable fee.

Still at Allen County, you can get free gonorrhea and Chlamydia testing and a little cost for proper treatments. You can contact the following numbers; 244-585-3544 or 260-422-3544. For emergencies and further inquiries. You can also click on

Indiana Regional Medical Center– This is the right choice for single mothers to have an opportunity to all the medical services to offer in Indiana. Here, the much needed care and support as well as physicians and doctors highly capable for your well-being is taken seriously as well as planned classes and events to keep you developed at all fronts. For more information on this, visit

Neighborhood Health Clinic– Based on your income, everyone has affordable access to all-round medical assistance in Fort Wayne. Mothers will have access to prenatal care, dental, and even optometry services for them and their kids. Check out more information on the following website

Human Services

For individuals in need, community action agencies in Indiana offer assistance and help to families.

Greater Fort Wayne Inc.– For human services and safe welfare of the citizens of Fort Wayne, the Greater Fort Wayne Inc. Metro Chamber Allowance program is truly a place to see for single moms needing the opportunity to achieve their potential. Allen County has the best options for providing a quality life for the privileged and non-privileged citizens alike. This can ultimately be achieved through the community services the program offers. With the abundance of parks, trails, and lakes, investments have been made to actualize the potential development of the region. Fort Wayne has proven to be a very conducive environment for a single mom with both monetary and mental assistance to everyone. For more information on this organization, kindly visit their official website at or contact 260 420-6945.

Purdue University Social Services – From basic needs, emergency shelter, housing, food, healthcare services, and childcare, there are so many offers here for the welfare of everyone who needs, including single mothers in the city. According to the social services database, the University Center for Women and Returning Adults program has been designed to provide excellent childcare, basic needs, and spiritual counseling. At, you can find out all the programs of all categories and their venues with contact numbers and email to reach out.

Indiana County Department of Human Services-HIS (Human Services, Inc)– This agency offers a variety of assistance to families who are in need. According to their mission statement via the website, the purpose is to bridge the gap to stability through thriving “partnerships, coaching and education.”