Grants for Single Mothers in Jersey City

Located in Hudson County, New Jersey, Jersey City is the second-most populous state in the state of New Jersey. Second only to Newark. Single mothers in Jersey City have a lot of work on their shoulders as they bear the cost of raising a child alone. The good news remains that many programs exist in the city that can help eliminate that burden and attain self-sufficiency. Ensure you read to the end, as this guide contains a comprehensive list of programs that single moms can utilize.

The Salvation Army

Salvation Army Jersey City is a nonprofit organization that provides low-income families with several assistance programs. People facing all sorts of crisis always look up to this group as their first call. Individuals and families can get cash grants, shelter, clothing, food, and financial assistance. This aid can then be used to offset bills like heating, electricity bills, and even rental payments.

As a social service agency, they give referrals, guidance, and even counseling. Holiday gifts are distributed during the festive period at their various distribution centers.

The North Hudson Community Action Corporation

People in Hudson County, precisely the Jersey City area, have access to the large number of resources that this community center can offer. Established in 1965, this organization has come a long way in improving the quality of life of the city residents. Many services are administrated by this group, which comprises health and social services.

The primary objective of this organization is to tackle homelessness. To ensure that the number of people without homes is low, this agency may offer one time rent to individuals or families. They could also provide temporary shelter for those already kicked out of their homes.

The Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) is a free health care clinic with a location in Jersey City that provides medical care for people in need. The Metropolitan Family Health Network is a medical clinic in the city of Jersey City which gives complete primary care to adults. Preventive primary care could be vital in preventing or tackling major diseases early. Physicians could help you learn about your family history and risk, conduct physical exams and checks, give necessary education about the importance of exercising, diet, and healthy living. You could also get prescriptions and even tests and surgery if needed. Some services of this hospital are physical exams, Laboratory testing, immunization, nutritional counseling, social services, and case management. Help could also be provided for those who want to enroll for Medicaid. Find them at

Hudson County Housing Resource Center

The Hudson HRC is a nonprofit established in 1990 to prevent homelessness. One service they offer is providing information and counseling on the rental rights of the citizenry. This is done in a bid to improve the living conditions of various housing developments.

This group administers Tenant-Based Rental Assistance to low and moderate families in the Hudson county. It gives out rental assistance to families in privately owned flats. Many families have benefitted from this rental assistance program. For more details about the Hudson County Housing Resource Center, visit

Jersey City Housing Authority

The Jersey City Housing Authority provides low-income families with affordable and decent housing. This agency’s housing unit currently accommodates over 18,000 residents of Jersey City. They also offer programs that aim to help all members of the community attain financial independence.

Catholic Charities

This charity has a wide array of support programs. One of which is the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (HPRP) funded by the federal government. This development means that funds are readily available to assist those facing homelessness or getting evicted from their homes.  The Jersey City Catholic Charities center is located at 249 Virginia Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304.

Debt Repayment and Counseling

Single mothers in any form of debt can get financial advice from nonprofit credit agencies on how to eliminate debt. This appointment could either be done in person or over the telephone. Services differ from place to place, budgeting, how to reduce debt, eviction prevention, and even money management can be provided.

Food Banks in Jersey City

For low-income residents of Jersey City, food may be considered a luxury rather than a right, which they should have daily. Many locations in the town offer free food, weather-appropriate clothing, and even children’s gifts. Low-income families and the homeless can walk onto any soup kitchen and will be given food at no cost. Some food banks and contact details are listed below:-

  • The Sharing Place Food Pantry, call (201) 963-5518
  • John’s Lutheran Church Food Pantry, call (201)- 589-1781
  • The Beacon at Bethany Lutheran Church, call (201) 432-8773
  • Lets Share A Meal, call (201)-432-1122
  • Cause Center, call (201)-432-2824