Grants for Single Mothers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the city that bills itself as the entertainment capital of the world. This may be true due to the world-famous casinos, hotels among others that exist in the beautiful town, any visitor to Las Vegas is sure to have an excellent time. Beneath all the glamour and festivities, a large number of low-income single mothers are in a struggle to cater for their needs. The good news remains that there exists lots of grants and financial assistance to assist single mothers in Las Vegas. In this guide, we shall take an in-depth look at these programs.

Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas

Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada is a social service organization located in Nevada that gives different forms of support to the needy. The assistance could be help in finding jobs, rental assistance, referral to other assistance programs, access to food banks, to mention a few. They are one of the most prominent nonprofit organization in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada as a whole. Help is not limited to anyone as people from various walks of life are allowed to receive their welfare benefits. Various centers give out help of all forms; it could be monetary or could be material that is clothing, housing, food, among others. All sorts of counseling and support are available at no cost to the needy. To contact this charity organization, call (702) 385-2662 to find out how you can apply for assistance or visit their website on to find out about the services they offer.

Food Banks in Las Vegas

Across the city of Las Vegas, there are numerous food banks and pantries that single mothers can use to get food. There exist various food distribution centers that can provide meals at almost no cost. You can find an extensive listing of food pantries in Las Vegas at

Rent Assistance Programs in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, various organizations can assist in paying rent. Clark County Social Service strives to ensure that all welfare and community responsibilities are met. This program pays as high as 400$ per month in rental payments to its beneficiaries. To find out if you qualify for this program and to check eligibility status, call (702) 455-4270. If you don’t qualify for this, do not lose hope yet. The Lutheran Social Services Of Nevada not only renders assistance with rent but could also help with transportation and utility bills. They give counseling services. Contact 702-639-1730 to get application details and requirements.

Housing Assistance

Single moms in Las Vegas can access various charities and government agencies that administer housing assistance. Several housing agencies funded by the government aid low-income families in finding affordable and conducive housing. The Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority is one of such agencies that offers accommodation to moderate and low-income families in the city of Las Vegas. It is important to note that there is a specific number of houses available at a specified period. You can call +1 702-477-3100 for further inquiries. The Clark County Housing Authority is another organization that provides help with housing in Las Vegas.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a nonprofit organization that provides various services to those in need. This cut across financial assistance, cash assistance, food assistance, transportation assistance, and many more.  In the city of Las Vegas, many Salvation Army centers across the town gives out grants at zero or no cost. The Salvation Army telephone line is (702-870-4430), or you can visit their website at

Free Medical and Dental Assistance in Las Vegas

Healthcare could be a nightmare for low-income families in Las Vegas. The cost of healthcare, especially to the uninsured, could be unaffordable for them. Thankfully, in the city of Las Vegas, single moms can access healthcare at almost zero or no cost. Below are some free clinics in the town of Las Vegas:-

Volunteers in Medicine: These are clinics that provide free healthcare services to the uninsured of Las Vegas. You must also have been a resident of Nevada for at least three months. For inquiries and to learn more, kindly visit

Community Outreach Medical Center: The Community Outreach Center aims to serve under-insured and uninsured families and individuals with qualitative healthcare. A wide range of medical services is rendered here all at affordable and budget-friendly prices. You can call (702) 657-3873) to book an appointment.

Martin Luther King Family Health Center: This low-cost clinic is situated at 1799 Mt Mariah Dr Las Vegas NV, 89106. They render various health care services to both insured and uninsured patients. Low-income patients can settle their medical fees on a sliding fee schedule. The telephone line of MLK center is 1-800-787-2568.