Grants for Single Mothers in San Antonio

The City of San Antonio, Texas, is the second-most populous city in the state of Texas. This city is also known for the number of military establishments in and outside the city. Little wonder one nickname given to this town is the Military city. Single mothers in Texas as a whole, including San Antonio residents, can take advantage of the numerous assistance programs offered by both nonprofit and governmental organizations. This guide contains a comprehensive list of the organizations in the city of San Antonio that assist single moms in their day to day activities. Kindly note that it is bound to change over time, the organizations are listed below.

Rental and Utility Bills Assistance

Single moms in San Antonio can get help with rental payments from various organizations. The Agape Ministry is a social service agency that offers a wide range of services to San Antonio residents. Rental fees, utility bills are some of the programs single moms can benefit from this nonprofit. They also hand out all clothing for people to keep warm in the cold. Visit to find out how they can assist today.

Christian Assistance Ministry, San Antonio (210)-697-5771 is another organization that provides people with financial assistance and supports with utility bill payments to avoid disconnections. Go to to find out more about this nonprofit.

Bexar County, through its Community Resources Division of the Economic and Community Development Department, gives cash grants, especially for utility bill payments. By using funding from the state of Texas, they pay eligible residents bills to prevent been cut off. They do this to ensure that every household can become self-sufficient. Dial (210) 335-6770 to get in touch with this department.

You can also call United Way at 2-1-1 to find more agencies that can help with utility bill payments.

Housing Assistance

Housing for single mothers in San Antonio may be a problem due to its unaffordability. The San Antonio Housing Authority provides accommodation to the low-income families of San Antonio through its various programs. Examples of the plans are the Public Housing, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, and the mixed-income housing programs. To get more information about the San Antonio Housing Authority call (210)-477-6000  or go to

Crisis Intervention Programs

Help for Single Mothers in San Antonio; TX is not limited, so they have no reason to worry. Various organizations run programs that are targeted at helping those facing different kinds of setbacks. Different churches scattered around the San Antonio area can give out free food through their food banks and soup kitchens. These Ministries can also help with bill payments and other utilities. Some are mentioned below:-

  • Paul United Methodist’s Feed My Lambs (210)-227-2525
  • Antioch Baptist Church San Antonio (210) 225-2452
  • Paul’s Episcopal Church San Antonio (210) 226-0345

These groups listed are just some of the organizations that can help with food in San Antonio. A full list can be found at

Emergency Solutions Grant funded by the federal government can also help those facing hardship. They run five plans, which are the Street Outreach, Emergency Shelter, Homelessness Prevention, Rapid Re-Housing, Homeless Management Information System. The main aim of these programs is to ensure that homelessness is eradicated or reduced to the barest minimum among families in San Antonio. You can access more information at

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio, could assist with housing, employment, education, and even emergency cash. Low-income families that qualify will receive clothing, food, and shelter.  They could also help find a job for single mothers that are out of work. Everyone is welcome at their centers. They have a food bank where you can get hot and nutritious meals. Find the program that you require at the website of the Catholic Charities San Antonio at

One of the largest charities in the United States remains the Salvation Army. There are several centers in the city of San Antonio, and all services are provided there. Their Permanent Supportive and Rapid Rehousing program have helped to reduce the number of homeless people in the city. Families that have been evicted or foreclosed upon can get emergency shelter and transitional housing pending the time they can get back on their feet.  You could also get utility, rental, and food aid from this nonprofit. Religion is no barrier to getting help as the centers assist everyone that needs it. Occasionally they may be able to provide cash, but the funds allocated are scarce and may not cover everyone. Find the Salvation Army San Antonio at

The San Antonio Food Bank

By partnering with more than 500 agencies, the San Antonio Food Bank can distribute thousands of meals yearly. Both perishable and non-perishable goods are stocked in their food pantries, which are eventually distributed to qualifying families. They organize food fairs and also utilize mobile food banks in their quest to share meals and groceries. Their website is