Housing Assistance in Virginia

The shelter is a crucial basic need that can be a challenge to acquire particularly for low-income earning single mothers. In this article, we have gathered resources which can help single moms in the State of Virginia to provide accommodation for their family.

Emergency Housing Assistance

The Northern Virginia Family Service offers emergency shelter to the homeless in Manassas. They also offer funds that can be utilized for utilities and rental payments to assist in preventing homelessness in Prince William and Fairfax counties. The facility is equipped with 92 beds. The shelter allows its guests to stay for a maximum of 39 days, and during their stay, they are assigned to a case manager who will assist in connecting them with the resources that will allow them to gain independence and long-lasting well-being. The organization provides additional programs for people in Prince William and Fairfax County. Their assistance program inhibits homelessness from happening. https://www.nvfs.org/our-services/homelessness-housing/

The Menchville House is a facility that offers emergency housing to homeless families including single mom families. They work together with homeless service providers in the area as well as with social service agencies providing support to families in need.

Here are the requirements to qualify for the program:

  1. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Applicant must be dedicated to making necessary changes in their lives
  3. Applicant should receive case management
  4. Applicant must search for affordable housing


Low Income Housing Assistance

The Better Housing Coalition is a nonprofit community development corporation that builds premium-quality houses for low-income earners and this empowers single moms with tools to assist them in acquiring property. https://www.betterhousingcoalition.org/

Rent Assistance

Programs offering permanent rental housing are provided by the Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation that provides secure, and affordable rental housing for low-income persons amongst other disadvantaged groups in the community. Their programs offer eligible families lower rental rates to ensure that families are not struggling to make their rental payments. ​https://www.vbcdc.org/permanent

Utility Bill (Heating, Water, Electricity, etc.) Assistance

The City of Charlottesville provides a Gas Assistance Program which offers payments for low-income families that have depleted their state and federal government programs and hence are incapable of paying their gas and utility bills. Different community action groups and charities give referrals to this specific program. Admission into the program is given by the City of Charlottesville Department of Public Utilities. The funding is allocated by the same department as well. https://www.charlottesville.gov/657/Charlottesville-Gas-Assistance-Program-G

The Virginia Utility Assistance Program manages utility assistance programs under the Dollar Energy Fund. The fund helps to qualify customers with their Old Dominion, Appalachian Power Company, Virginia American Water Company, and Columbia Gas of Virginia bills. Their program is reserved for individuals who are out of options because the fund offers more than what the federal and state programs provide. The Dollar Energy Fund is given on a first-come, first-serve basis. https://www.dollarenergy.org/need-help/virginia/virginia-utility-assistance-program/

Charities and Churches Housing Assistance

Avalon Center is a nonprofit organization that receives funding from local, state, and federal governments, as well as, businesses, donations from individuals, civic and religious groups. They assist over 1 500 women, children, and men a year. Avalon Center runs an emergency shelter for those faced with homelessness when space allows. The shelter houses 20 beds.  The staff ensures that all basic needs such as clothing, food, limited transportation, and other resources are met. They provide case management for each resident, as well as legal advocacy, counseling, and support. The shelter services are provided to adult female survivors with children below the age of 18 years. The children have to be registered in school to be allowed in the shelter. The organization has established relationships with the courts, area police, hospitals, colleges, schools, and many other community agencies and offers educational presentations in various settings. https://avaloncenter.org/services#Emergency%20Shelter

At People in Need (PiN), they provide a transitional housing program that caters to the homeless and assists them to attain their independence. Their program not only offers a place to live but they have established a job training program known as Change Makers. This program builds accountability and structure. After completing the program residents are required to secure a job, then save their income to pay their first rent once they secure a place, being present at the organization’s functions, and volunteer. The organization provides shelter, clothing, food, and free medical care for low-income earners and the homeless. Their basic focus is to assist the homeless to change their lives. https://www.pinministry.org/housing

Homeless Shelter Assistance – Transitional Housing

The Union Mission Ministries provides shelter to women and children. They are committed to assisting families overcome homelessness by offering residents an opportunity to restart. The organization caters to the resident’s physical needs, provide jobs as well as life skills training, and spiritual and emotional counseling. https://www.unionmissionministries.org/get-help/

The Barrett Foundation manages a House Shelter that is an emergency shelter catering to women and children who are faced with homelessness. The single mothers are offered a shelter, three meals a day, and other supportive services. The residents get recommendations to resources, and other programs in the community to help them to work towards having a stable home. The organization’s housing attempts start with the Barrett House shelter. The mothers are allocated an advocate for housing stability who they work with to develop a housing plan to acquire affordable housing and make a plan to attain sustainability. Their programs are established to offer housing case management and supportive housing for homeless families and individuals. The program aims to help program participants in moving them into housing, attaining independence, and ending homelessness. The housing programs offered work under the Housing First model which believes that people facing homelessness need to first have their physical needs met as well as their need for security and safety.  https://www.barrettfoundation.org/

Homeowner/Buyer Grants and Assistance

Project Homes is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing by producing and preserving premium quality affordable homes, home repairs, and enhanced accessibility as well as energy efficiency for existing homes. Their programs align with state-authorized income limits to qualify homeowners for the services.​ Every home is constructed with historic detail, superior finishes, and lasting value that contests the idea of what outlines affordable housing. Their homes are intended to suit the neighborhoods they serve. https://www.projecthomes.org/affordable-homeownership

Affordable housing is offered by a faith-based organization known as Urban Hope is a faith-based organization. They assist clients in gaining financial management skills, providing quality, safe, affordable housing, and guide the clients through homeownership. https://urbanhoperva.org/homeownership

Home Improvement Grants

Communities and families are given a chance to live in a safe home by the Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority. Programs catering for housing rehabilitation loans and grants are available. The grants offer funding to improve, repair, and eliminate health and safety hazards from the home. These programs assist families including single-mother families with low-incomes, and they highlight services for families with vulnerable members such as young children and elderly adults. The programs can implement an inclusive housing development plan or concentrate on specific housing components including insulation and heating, structural concerns, plumbing, lead, asbestos, or mold. The programs can be accessible from the local, state, and federal levels. https://nchh.org/tools-and-data/financing-and-funding/