Careers for Single Mothers

One of the significant challenges a single mother may face comes in job choices. Single moms require jobs that offer some level of flexibility and will also bring in enough income to support the family. Though some professions are better fitted for single parents, the pay may be lower than what other professionals earn. The good news nevertheless is that are industries such as sales, public relations, education, healthcare, and real estate, which affords single moms the luxury of a decent wage and still allows time for the kids.


This sector tops our list of jobs for single mothers. One of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of this profession among single moms is that they are performing a skill they acquired at no cost, paying attention to other’s needs. Educational professionals are required to meet the needs of kids, who, most of the time, are looking for mentors to emulate.

That’s not all; this career allows single mothers to grow as an individual. Unlike other jobs that seem as if it is a vicious daily routine that must be followed, teaching allows you to interact with new students where you can learn and impact new things. This brings a high level of satisfaction, as you know that you are changing their lives positively. Yearly, you are assured a minimum of two months’ vacation, which you can use to relax. The schedule is also perfect and allows you to look after your kids. Job availability is not much of a bother either, as many teachers are required both offline and online. If you are looking for a change of pace or want to earn more, teaching remains an excellent choice.


A career in sales cannot be ruled out as a single mom. Most sales jobs offer you the freedom to work on your own time. That’s not all, salaries are based mostly on commission, and that means that there is no limit to what you can earn. The harder you work, the more you make. One of the advantages of these jobs is that it is easily manageable and you are independent. There is a lot of competition in sales, and that brings a thrill, which makes the situation more exciting. Commission and percentage vary from place to place, but the average stands at 10 percent.


Though this job may not be as flexible as others on the list, the pay makes up for it. Annual salaries for RNs currently stand between $38000 and $45000. Single moms have a wide array of scholarships available, so career options are broad. Some possibilities are medical assistants, lab technicians, home healthcare aides, and pediatricians.

Most moms complain about the demanding nature of this profession, but there are ways to accomplish stability. One has been not to work in the emergency section of the clinic as your attention may be required anytime. Working nights may also not be a bad idea as you can plan your schedule to be back in time to prepare the kids for school. School nurses, research nurses, and home care nurses get more free time, so you should look into those options. And don’t forget you can always ask for help from neighbors and family.


In recent years there has been a high demand for writing skills in the labor market. Content writing, eBook publishing, copywriting are some skills that people have been able to turn into respectable careers. Writing can be done anywhere and at any time. A college degree is not required, as only a good command of your language is needed. All that is needed is a laptop computer, and if you are old-school, you could always write in a notebook.

The best part of it all is that it may already be a hobby of yours that you haven’t utilized.

How can I sell my skills as a writer? Amazon Kindle publishing is one option. For example, you may write about your experiences as a single mother and publish. The best part of the platform is that you earn royalties for life. Depending on location, you may look for a publishing house that will distribute hard copies of your work.  You can start a blog and build a brand around it.

Home Based / Freelancing Gigs

There are several websites for moms who decide to work from home. Technology has evolved over the years, which has made working from home feasible. There are many skills you can choose from, such as Web& Mobile Development, Virtual Assistant, Design and Creatives, Voiceover, Translation, and Data Entry. These skills mentioned require little or no experience, and the know-how can easily be acquired online.

Platforms like,, and are good places to start, and you can sign up for free with any of them. Online job pools are also worth a try and are updated daily.