Grants for Single Mothers in Pennsylvania

Most of the times, single mothers without proper assistance, face severe obstacles in achieving self-sufficiency. With minimal resources, these single mothers have continuously been vulnerable to poverty. As a result of the challenges encountered by these set of people residing in Pennsylvania, many support programs have been designed to assist them, and each one has its specific guidelines which applicants must follow to qualify for. They are  designed mainly to tackle different needs of those vulnerable individuals who qualified for the program. The services ranges from childcare, food, medical assistance, etc. Those assistance programs made available to take away some part of burdens on single mothers in hard times. These programs include:

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

This program is meant to assist Pennsylvanians who qualify for this program with cash assistance that covers mostly their food, shelter, medicals, utilities, and other sundry expenses. To qualify for this program, you must first have to sign the agreement that contains work engagement activities, which leads to employment, meaning that qualified participants will have to work before their benefits can be released to them. To apply for this program, visit the online platform for further.

Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

This program is solely sponsored by the state government,   eligible applicants are given some benefit to help them buy food and other supplemental diets. Average eligible applicants who are single are expected to get at least $16 and a family of three gets $379. Qualified individuals after registration are given the Pennsylvania EBT assess card which is designed to be used in the purchase of food items at any of the grocery stores or the supermarket in the state. Interested applicants should call the department of public welfare helpline on 1-800-692-7492 or can visit their local country assistance office, or can still check online for more information and possible application.

Women Infant, and Children (WIC)

This is a federal government-sponsored assistance program meant to provide healthy supplemental nutrition, and food services for those eligible breastfeeding and postpartum women as well as pregnant women. Also included in the program are children and infants under the age of 18years. To qualify for this program, interested applicants must be a resident of Pennsylvania and must be certified to be at nutritional risk, and must be earning an income less than 185% according to FPL guidelines. Interested applicants can click here for more information on how to apply

Medical Assistance

This is also known as Medicaid; it offers healthcare insurance coverage for residents of Pennsylvania who qualify for the program. Unlike conventional health insurance schemes, eligible individuals for this program are not meant to pay for it, most of its services are free. Some times in 2014 this program was expanded and now covers almost all Pennsylvanian residents from age 19-64 who are not insured, and also those whose income is with the income range of 133% according to the FPL guideline. Interested parties can apply to participate in this program and can also renew their medical assistance membership using the online compass portal or call the customer service center at 1-866-550-4355.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

This program provides health coverage to children who are not insured and whose families cannot qualify for the Medicaid program. The people qualified for this program include children born into families that their income is with 314% FPL guideline, as well as single mothers that earn below $64,100 annually. Though this program can be free for most families, others might have to co-pay for some of the health services if their monthly incomes are higher than the CHIP income guideline. Also, note that children who are of American-Indians origin and also those who are of Alaska natives are exempted from cost-sharing. To apply for this program click here.

Select Plan for Women

The Select Plan Program is a healthcare assistance program specially designed for women to provide confidential healthcare services for them. Eligible women for this program must be between the ages of 18-44. Benefits of this program also include free birth control, health examination, and other benefits that come with it. Before now, this program was managed under the Family Planning Service program until now when it became an independent program. To qualify, individuals, especially single mothers must be Pennsylvanian residents and the earning income should be within 215% FPL guideline, and also must not have any form of private insurance. To apply for this program, interested applicants should visit the online portal or through the country assistance office, or any family planning clinics nearest to them.