Grants for Single Mothers in Iowa

Iowa, a beautiful Midwestern State that boasts of beautiful plains, reflective lakes and an extensive range of wildlife. A visitor will think that life in this astonishing state will be very easy for all the inhabitants. That’s not the case for all, as the poverty rate recorded in Iowa currently stands at 12.2%. Lots of Single Mothers in Iowa find it difficult catering for their various needs that cut across utility bills, Healthcare, Education and general expenses. The good news remains that there exists a wide range of grants and financial programs that are to assist Single Mothers in Iowa. This guide will be taking an in-depth look at how Single Mothers in Iowa can access these benefits.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

This program was designed to help families in need. As the name implies, it is not for life and is only meant to assist pending the time Single Mothers get back on their feet. People under this program are only entitled to the benefits for two years maximum. TANF can be reached on their hotline at 800-972-2017 and, You may also visit their website at

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Single Mothers in Iowa may benefit from Rental vouchers that assist with their rent. This program pays a percentage of the applicant’s rent and covers a significant portion of rental payments. The part covered usually lies between 30-40% of the total rent. To be eligible for this program, you have to be a low-income earner among other requirements. You can obtain more details by calling 800-955-2232 to find out how you can apply for this program.

Low Income Public Housing Program

In various cities across the State of Iowa, there exists a vast number of Housing Authorities that provide subsidized apartments to low-income families that apply. Financial support from the state enables the housing agencies to provide cheap housing to families in need. Kindly note that there is a high possibility that you might be put on a waiting list due to the large number of applications your agency receives.

Application Details and Eligibility requirement vary depending on which city in the State of Iowa that you are resident. The website below shows the list of the various housing agencies in Iowa

After you have found the housing agency in your area, you can then reach out to them. Further details about income requirements will be provided and you may ask any questions you have.

Unemployment Insurance

The Iowa Unemployment Insurance Administration administers this program and, is targeted at assisting Single Mothers in Iowa that want to claim unemployment benefits. You can contact them at  888-848-7442 to find out how you can log a claim.

Head Start

Head  Start is a Federal program that is administered by the Iowa Department of Education. This program is structured to offer your children both quality education and Child Care services. You may qualify for either Head Start or the Early Head Start Program, To find out which you are eligible for, Kindly call them at 1-866-763-6481.


No doubt, Medicaid remains one of the best options available for low-income Single Mothers that are looking to access Healthcare. The Iowa Department of Health and Human Services manage this program and, it is supported financially by both the State, Federal and Local Government. To get more details about this program and find out how to apply, Kindly visit

Healthy and Well Kids

Another Health Insurance available to Single Mothers resident in Iowa is the Hawk-I program. It is a highly subsidized program that allows Single Mothers with low-income to access their basic Healthcare needs. The income level of the family determines the premium that will be paid. To find out more, you can call the hotline at 800-252-8563 or visit their website at to find out more details about the program.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

Women, infant and children is a special supplemental nutrition program that is designed to help children under ages 5, breastfeeding women, pregnant women and nursing mothers who suffer significant nutritional risk. It provides access to beneficial nutrition education, food supplements and referral to health care programs, for no fee. For more information about WIC in Iowa, You can contact Iowa WIC on 800-532-1579 or visit their website at

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The State of Iowa has also made available food benefits to Single Mothers that earn a low income. An Electronic Benefit Card (EBT) is issued to the beneficiaries of the program. This card works like a regular debit card, and money is loaded on a monthly basis. At the point of checkout of food items, all You are required to do is tender the EBT card, and the amount is charged to it.

To find out your eligibility status and how to apply for SNAP in Iowa, Kindly visit their website at