Help with Bills in Iowa

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Iowa

There are a number of assistance programs offered to single mothers to help them in fully taking care of their families. There programs can be run by the government, non-profit organizations, churches, association or many other forms of organizations. The government programs tend to have a lot of applicants and the eligibility requires a lot of documentation, however there are plenty of non-profit organizations in the State of Iowa that offer help to single mom quicker and with a smoother application process. In this article we will highlight some of the these organizations and how to access the help and services they provide in order to help low-income earners to effectively lessen their living costs and lead to a better quality of life.

Help with Electricity Bill in Iowa

Project Share is large interfaith organization that facilitates a variety of assistance services. To help with the electricity bill, they started a fund through a voluntary contribution program that is sustained through donations and other contributions. This fund is for the low income earners and others who need assistance. Through this assistance program they offer education on how to lower energy consumption in order to reduce energy bills, as well as offer alternatives to curb environmental impact that can be caused by generation of electricity. All types of families, including single mother families qualify for this assistance.

Help with Water Bill in Iowa

Iowa City offers a discount to eligible utility customers. This is done to minimize water and sewer bills, refuse, recycling, monthly storm water charge, and organics charges each month. To be successfully admitted into this program one must be a beneficiary of the other state government assistance scheme.

Help with Heating Bill in Iowa

I CARE program offers assistance to local community action agencies. Assistance is provided in the form of financial grants for heating bills and home weatherization to single mothers in need.

Help with Healthcare / Medical Bill in Iowa

Free Clinics of Iowa is a nonprofit organization sponsored by donors. The clinics offer basic healthcare services through volunteer nurses, physicians and other health professionals at no cost to the community, including single moms. Additional services provided by these clinics include:

  1. Advancing healthcare system awareness and patient education.
  2. Distinguished referral systems to affordable and assessable health homes.

Help with Food / Meals in Iowa

The Bidwell Riverside Center manages a food pantry that doesn’t require any financial information in order to receive the assistance. By providing nutritious food, they promote the healthy growth, wellness, and development of young children. Children in the Child Development Program receive breakfast, lunch, as well as an afternoon snack. Single mothers have access to the food and clothing pantry. The pantry gives families groceries for free. ​

Help with Household Items in Iowa

The Free Store is a charity organization that helps single-mom families and children from various backgrounds and facing different challenges families. They give household goods and furniture. The organization is completely managed by volunteers. They also partner with other charities and other associations to assist families in need.

Help with Clothes in Iowa

The Clothing Closet run by Families Helping Families of Iowa organization, gives free resource that assist families to acquire clothing, shoes, and supplies for babies, children, and teenagers. They have a variety of modern clothes to suit everyone’s style. Volunteers work at the Clothing Closet, they receive donations from the community, sort and display the clothes in the store. The assistance is only available to children between the ages of newborn and 18. Youths are given the chance to shop at the closet only once per season.