Grants for Single Mothers in Utah

Single mothers have mostly accepted the position of sole breadwinners, a situation that has been on the increase over the years. This development has not been a favorable one as those mothers have to go through challenging times to provide for their children. In so many occasions, most of them have to go through the stress of working multiple jobs to meet up with their children’s need which includes healthcare, education, heat utilities, etc.

As a result of this, the government of Utah has offered some essential assistance programs that help its residence especially single mothers afford their individual needs as well as that of their children, and also enable them to become self-sufficient. Those programs include:

Family Enforcement Program (FEP)

This program is designed to assist families whose income is not substantial enough to meet up with their family needs. The FEP is being funded by the TANF and its primary purpose is to offer assistance to families who don’t have a stable source of livelihood by providing some monetary support and help them to get a sustainable source of income. The program is designed in a way that will serve both single mothers and couples alike with two children under the age of 18. The guideline required that all the FEP recipients are to participate in work-related activities that will last at least 30 hours a week for single people, and 20 hours for parents whom their kids are under the age of 6. For those who qualified for this program, instead of a monthly payments method, payments are done once every 12 months. Click Here for more details and to apply.

Food Stamp Program

This program is nicknamed “the first line of defense against hunger”, it is designed to provide a monthly benefit to those families that are eligible for the program. The benefits are meant to be used by beneficiaries to buy some food items and other nutritional supplements that will enhance their diet. Eligible participants will be given an EBT card which is also called the Utah Horizon card which is meant to enable them to pay for food or food items at any designated point. Eligible individuals include those who feel that they need assistance in feeding, most especially the elderly, disabled people, and families with low income. Also, interested applicants should note that households who earn less than $50 monthly as gross income and have a cash balance of $100 will be eligible for the expedited SNAP program within 7 days of applying. Click Here to apply.

Assisted Child Care Program

This childcare program is sponsored by a combined effort of both state and federal government and the available financial assistance are meant for both families with two children and single mothers.  Eligible individuals include those families that earn less than 85% income. The level of childcare assistance an individual gets depends on some few factors, and often times they do not entirely cover the provider’s total cost. As it stands, Utah government pays 75% of the average cost of childcare while the supposed family takes care of the rest. Find more about this program and apply here.


This program offers healthcare coverage specifically for residents of Utah who are low-income earners and fulfills the required condition of the program. This medical assistance program is targeted to medically assist children under the age of 18, disabled, pregnant women, elderly people, and those women who suffer from cervical or breast cancer. To qualify for this program you must measure up with the 42% FPL guideline, and as for pregnant women, they should be able to fit into the 13%FPL to qualify. Interested individuals can apply online, or call 1-866-435-7414.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

This is an insurance program that is meant to target children under the age of 18, it is meant to help their parents cover the medical bills once their application is approved. The Utah CHIP chapter is designed to assist children in this medical service: eye examination, hearing, dental care, immunization, and child-health examination. Though most people under this program are meant to co-pay because of the cost-sharing arrangement which is currently 5% of that family’s yearly income, the program covers a large chunk of the bill. Interested individual should call the (toll-free) number 1-866-435-7414, or check out the online platform.