Grants for Single Mothers in Vermont

A single mother in Vermont is no different from other states in the United States. The primary challenge of an average single mother is usually to provide for her children which are why the majority of help guidance are channeled towards the children welfare. The Vermont government has therefore designed programs that will assist single mothers in the state to make sure they achieve self-sufficiency. Those programs are listed thus:

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

Vermont is among the 26 states of the United States that have supplemented the federal EITC program with theirs. The government of Vermont has actually “Piggy- Banked” the federal EITC program through an addition of 32% in-state credit which turns out to be the highest any state can offer. With the proper management, this federal/state-funded program has continued to help families in the state to gain sufficiency, hence meeting up with their household needs. To qualify for this program, interested applicants must be able to earn less than $44,648. On the other hand, any family living in Vermont with at least two children who qualified for the Vermont EITC will be automatically qualified for the food benefits. Click here to apply.

Reach Up

The “Reach Up” program is the Vermont version of “welfare-to-work program”, it is designed to help families through the provision of cash assistance to enable them to afford their basic need and obtain self-sufficiency overtime. To be eligible for this program, your income, resources, living expenses, and your ability to work will all be ascertained before enrollment. Also, families with three children may have to receive grants that are up to $64 on a monthly basis. For single mothers with a child under the age of 6 is automatically eligible but are expected to work for 20 hours every week on approval. To apply for the program visit the “My Benefit” online portal to proceed.


This is also known as the Vermont Food Stamp Program. It was designed to provide assistance for qualified individuals to enable them to afford a healthy nutritious diet. Children born into those families who qualify for this program get free meals in school. Your qualification in this program depends on the size of the family, their income, and the expenses. A Family of three, through this program, gets $355 every month, and all eligible applicants are given an EBT Card which they prefer calling the Vermont Express; it allows owners to fully utilize the food stamp benefits. This card can be used to purchase from any of the approved participating farmer’s market or grocery stores. To participate in the Vermont 3 Squares tvt Program Click here to apply.


This is a health-related insurance program designed for low-income families residing in Vermont. The Vermont version of Medicaid is often called “the green mountain care because of its ability to cover a large number of individuals residing in the state. The state, as it stands, is expanding their Medicaid program, meaning that many of the uninsured adults that are of age 19-64 who falls in the 133% category of FPL are automatically qualified for the program. Click here to apply.

Fuel Assistance Program

This program is also known as the Home Heating Assistance program which helps qualified individuals in the state pay some part of their heating bills in their homes. From the way this program was designed, there are special privileges given to the low-income earners who qualify for the program. To be eligible for this program, interested participants must have to meet the FPL guideline which stands at185%. Qualified families are expected to get $543 or more depending on their eligibility. Interested participants can apply for this program during winter, and it usually starts November of every year. You can as well call 1-800-479-6151 for further information and or check the online platform on how to apply for the program.

Rental Assistance Program

This program provides subsidy for rentals; to help those families especially low-income families assess a comfortable, decent house of their choice. Those participating families are meant to pay 30% of their income in rent and the Vermont government covers the difference. To participate in this program, those interested families will have to fit into the FPL guidelines, and the targeted individuals include the disabled, children, and the elderly. To apply for the Vermont Rental Assistance Program, the interested applicant must complete the form here, and send it to the Vermont State Housing Authority 1 Prospect Street, Montpelier, and VT 05602.

Unemployment Insurance

This program is designed to replace those lost wages of workers on a short term basis, the beneficiaries must have to prove that the loss of their wages is no fault of theirs. But unfortunately, the program is never designed to be permanent. To be eligible for this program, interested participants must have worked in Vermont for at least 18 months. The maximum weekly benefit amounts to $458 at a minimum. To apply for this program, interested applicant should apply using the Portal of Vermont Claimant or call 1-877-214-3330.

Incentive Grant

This program is designed to provide grants for residents who are fully enrolled at any of the postsecondary intuitions that are participating in the federal Pell Grant Program. Financial assistance to be received by the participants depend on the ascertained need of the participant. Currently, the minimum grant ranges from $1000-$12,200. Interested applicant should please note that this grant is specifically meant for residents of Vermont only. Click here to apply.