Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

Both the government and non profit organizations recognize the importance of taking care of single mothers in our societies. Thus, different steps and approaches have been taken to provide affordable and conducive shelter to single mothers. Some agencies make provisions for fully paid housing for only single moms. In contrast, others have come-up with subsidized housing to help single mothers have access to the accommodation at very affordable rates. The following are a few of the notable groups that provide housing assistance to single mothers.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

The United States government offers a number of housing assistance programs for single mothers. One of such programs is the Public Housing for Single Mothers and Their Children. With this program, the government offers subsidized public housing to homeless single mothers. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, in partnership with property owners, has made provision for reduced rent specifically aimed at single mothers and their kids. The program is not confined to only homeless single mothers there; it is also available to other low-income families. Get more details at https://hud.gov/

Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope is a Christian-based housing ministry that is involved in several housing-related charity services. They are primarily engaged in providing housing for homeless single parents. The organization partners with churches and individuals to provide homes for homeless women and children. With the help of professionally trained staff and mentoring groups, they do not only ensure that homeless women and children are comfortably accommodated, but they also provide material, mental, and psychological supports. Find out more about the Bridge of Hope at https://www.b2hope.org

Salvation Army Single Mothers Outreach Programs

The organization, ‘Salvation Army’ is known to offer a wide range of services to poor single mothers through their outreaches. They are notable for the provision of housing to homeless parents. They have many packages designed to address the specific challenges of every displaced family: the “Evangeline Booth Lodge,” for instance, is an emergency center for accommodating families who suddenly lost their homes to disasters, domestic violence, etc. The faith-based organization has been responsible for providing accommodation to hundreds of homeless families in the United States. This organization can be reached via their website http://www.salvationarmy.org/

Warrick Dunn Charities

Warrick Dunn Charities is a charity organization belonging to an ex-National Football League player, Warrick Dunn. The charity organization is primarily funded by his contributions and the support of friends of the organization. The Warrick Dunn Charities is known to have, in conjunction with the Habitat for Humanity, donated about 173 homes for single parents. You can find out more on the organization’s website: https://www.wdc.org.

Single Mothers Outreach

The Single Mothers Outreach is an organization that was established in 1995 to provide help to families who are faced with housing instability, emotional trauma (caused by divorce or separation), income loss, etc. Their contributions are premised upon the notion that parenting is a responsibility that is too important to bear alone.

The outreach’s mission is to provide hope, counseling and helpful resources for the empowerment of single parents and their children. Amongst other things, the organization is known to have provided homes for several single parents. They can be reached via their website: https://www.singlemothersoutreach.org/

Fellowship Housing

Fellowship Housing is a Christian-based organization that is basically focused on providing basic needs for single moms. According to the information on their website, it is their joy to come alongside single mothers in their difficult times, to help them gain stability and to build new legacies for their families. The organization has, since its inception, provided homes for homeless single parents. Their mission is to move homeless families, one family at a time, from homelessness to hope. They can be reached via their website: http://www.fhcmoms.org/

Helping Hands for Single Moms

The Helping Hands for Single Moms program is one of the most prominent organizations established for the sole purpose of reaching out to single moms who are lacking in one way or the other. The organization partners with communities to assist single moms. In a number of cases, they provide cash grants. They also offer help with housing single moms who require them. They can be reached through their website: https://www.helpinghandsforsinglemoms.org/

Single Parents Advocate

This is a non-profit organization designed to provide help to single parents all over the United States. The organization operates in partnership with businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations to single parents. The organization provides some supports, which includes legal advocacy, financial support, education access, employment opportunities, subsidized housing, and a host of others. Since its inception, the organization has provided housing to numerous single parents. It can be reached through http://www.singleparentadvocate.com