Medicaid for Single Mothers

Medicaid is the largest source of health coverage in the United States owned as a joint agenda of both the federal and state government. This program provides healthcare services to millions of Americans, including, children, parents, elders, and people with disabilities.

Eligibility and Qualification requirements for Medicaid

Although, the age range can vary based on the state and country you live in, adults are eligible for Medicaid. Regardless of the fact that your job offers insurance, you can also qualify for Medicaid. It is a general rule in most states in the United States that, if you fall below 100% to 200% of the federal poverty level; or and are either pregnant, aged, disabled, a parent or a child, there’s likely an assistance program available to you. Sometimes it is quite tough to qualify for the Medicaid as there are different requirements and conditions to be met. But, by taking your time carefully to provide these documents upon application you should be able to improve your chances of obtaining coverage.
1.   Proof of Age (birth certificate or driver’s license)
2.   Records of all possessions and income earnings during a specific period of time
3.   Proof of Citizenship (National ID card or passport)
4.   Proof of Residency (utility bills, or rent payment bills)
5.   Other information concerning any health insurance coverage you may be on.
Do note that, you can’t get Medicaid without SSN but, you cannot be denied coverage while getting your SSN processed. Also, individuals who are on Social Security can become automatically eligible for Medicaid if they meet the criteria.

Visit to find out if you are eligible for Medicaid.

Medicaid Coverage for Single Mothers

If their salaries or wages are low enough and they satisfy all requirements and conditions necessary for qualification, single mothers could receive Medicaid. States and counties are expected to cover certain benefit while others are optional. On this note, it is important to note that not all costs are covered by Medicaid such as prescription drugs. Some of these essential benefits include dental services, physician services, laboratory and x-ray services, home health services, and others can be paid for under this program. You will need to provide your Medicaid card to your doctor, anytime you need to receive healthcare services cored by Medicaid.
Medicaid is a grant and does not need to be reimbursed. Medicaid only recovers it’s money by making use of the Medicaid Recovery which creates a debt that only has to be paid upon the death of the Medicaid beneficiary, from their profitable properties.
To learn what is offered in your location, you can contact your state Medicaid agency. Visit for more information.

Income Requirements for Single Mothers

Depending on your state, family size and pregnancy status, the income requirements for Medicaid varies. For example in Alabama, pregnant women and children income cannot exceed between $1520 and $3133 per month and also, parents or guardians income cannot exceed between $188 and $387 per month. Also, for a family of 3 with a non-pregnant parent, their income earned must be about $29,435 per year and about $42,660 for one with a pregnant parent.
You can check with your state’s Medicaid agency to know your income requirements. You can visit or

Medicaid For Single Mothers without Health Insurance

As a single mother, been underinsured or without health insurance should not stop health coverage. To get free health insurance, you will need to start by first making research on those available in your state and then apply for it. This will help find the right quality health coverage plan for your household.

Medicaid is always the first to check. But if you do not qualify for Medicaid, many other options can be explored. Community clinics could provide primary healthcare services like checkups, treatment of minor ailments at little or no cost. Medical professionals are provided to meet your need. For the more serious cases, referrals and counseling to the appropriate centers will be given. To find the nearest free clinics near you, you may check search engines.

Free health insurance can be obtained by applying for the right programs. Use the Health Insurance Marketplace to find such health coverage to get started. can help direct you to the resources available in your state.

How to check if you qualify for Medicaid

Your eligibility status depends on the quality of documents you provide during application and the number of requirements for the Medicaid you have satisfied. You can find out if you qualify for Medicaid coverage by visiting your state’s Medicaid website to check for their qualification requirements and confirm if you meet them. The health coverage would begin immediately if application is successful. Go to the official Medicaid website at for more details.