Housing Assistance in Alaska

For low-income earners, it can be a challenge to acquire safe and affordable housing but there is a variety of housing assistance programs available in Alaska depending on the current needs the single mother is faced with. The family can be housed in a cultural, spiritual, or neutral environment and this can enhance the development of the entire family. In this article, we look at resources that can assist single mothers in the State of Alaska to find a home for their families.

Statewide Housing Assistance

The Alaska Corporation for Affordable Housing (ACAH) is an organization that was founded to manage, and develop affordable housing. The organization has a mission to avail affordable housing and several other services to low-income earning individuals as well as groups in need. The services that are offered by the ACAH include utility free legal assistance, utility bill assistance, and rental assistance in the form of rent reduction as well as a rent and mortgage relief fund, and finally home buyer loan assistance. The ACAH offers loans to first-time homebuyers. The loan programs are identified as First Home loan and First Home Limited loan. https://www.ahfc.us/

The link below provides information on the various loan programs available from Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.


Emergency Housing Assistance

The Fair Banks Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization that provides emergency services which include a bed each night in a safe environment. The accommodation is provided up to 180 days from the date of the initial check-in. Once an individual spends longer than 30 days at the Mission, they are required to select a program. This is done to keep the guest-focused on being self-sustained and eventually moving out of the shelter and overcoming all the circumstances they are faced with. https://www.fairbanksrescuemission.org/

Low-income Housing Assistance

The Native Village of Chickaloon has a Traditional Council which strives to improve the housing conditions of their community by developing affordable homes, which are safe and healthy. The rental housing is situated in Sutton and it is for qualified citizens that are natives of Alaska or American Indians. This is done to enhance tribal citizen’s self-determination and self-sufficiency by helping renters to develop into homeowners. The reduced environmental impact and utility costs improve the efficiency of low-income housing. http://www.chickaloon-nsn.gov/facilities-housing/

Utility Bill (Heating, Water, Electricity, etc.) Assistance

Shiloh Community Housing Inc. has programs that offer assistance for rent payments for the first and last month of residency, to acquire housing for eligible families as well as individuals. The evaluation is on a case-by-case basis. The organization also offers utility and rent assistance for utility shut-off and eviction prevention. Before accessing the funds, interviews are conducted to establish eligibility. https://shilohhousing.org/

The State of Alaska offers utility assistance under a program known as the Heating Assistance Program (HAP) that is intended to encourage the welfare and protect the well-being of Alaskans by​reducing the heating bill for eligible Alaskan residents. http://dhss.alaska.gov/dpa/Pages/hap/default.aspx

Eviction Prevention and Legal Assistance

Alaska Legal Services Corporation offers assistance to low-income earning single mothers and their communities to access the justice system. The organization runs a Pro Bono Training assistance program that works to educate volunteers on specific legal topics to be able to assist clients from rural-Alaska who need legal assistance. https://www.alsc-law.org/apply-for-services/

The Alaska Housing organization has a mission to avail affordable housing to various low-income groups including single mothers. The organization focuses on raising awareness on the legalities of homeownership, through constant advocacy. https://www.alaskahousing-homeless.org/

Homeless Shelter Help – Prevention Homelessness (Transitional Housing)

Covenant House runs a Passage House designed for pregnant teenagers or young parenting mothers. The Passage House was developed to assist homeless young moms and pregnant teens to secure a more stable shelter. The house allows residency for up to 18-months. The young ladies that complete the programs offered, leave with plans that include acquiring a home without requiring public assistance. https://covenanthouseak.org/passage-house/

Blood and Fire is a faith-based organization that operated the Knik House which is their first transitional living facility. Under this program they help men and women faced with homelessness for numerous reasons. The residents are equipped to move to stable self-sufficiency. The Knik House housing program, currently offers accommodation for 12-18 months. http://bloodnfireak.org/knik-house/

Homeowner/ Buyer grants/ Assistance

The Ninilchik Indian Housing Program provides adequate shelter that is vital for tribal people of Alaska to celebrate their independence, and cultivate cultural values. Under the program, there is a Home Ownership scheme that is obtainable for qualified applicants to start the procedure of owning a home at a subsidized rate. Some of the requirements for applicants to this program are as follows:

  1. The candidates must not have owned a home within 5 years before the application.
  2. Residence within NTC Tribal borders for at least 12 consecutive months is a requirement.
  3. The candidate’s income tax history for the recent three years is also required.


Home Improvement Grants

Cook Inlet Housing Authority has vast experience in improving homes. The organization works on renovations of existing housing as well as on the construction of new houses through their programs of weatherization and residential home improvement. Their team helps qualifying renters and homeowners to enhance the safety, and affordability of their homes. Free home improvement assistance is accessible form the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) to eligible homeowners. The program aims is to repair or replace any damaged or aging elements in the home and this reduces the energy costs, improves health and safety, and also increases the occupancy comfort of the home. https://www.cookinlethousing.org/housing/home-improvement-programs/

Housing Authorities

The Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness (ACEH) has a network of businesses, community members, and non-profits that offer a range of programs to assist in escaping homelessness by linking the homeless to safe and affordable housing. A statewide database known as the Alaska Homeless Management Information System (AKHMIS) is used by service providers helping people at risk of or facing homelessness. The ACEH organization together with the Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness to manage the system. These two coalitions have signed with the Institute for Community Alliances (ICA) to serve as the main agency accountable for the system. This organization provides licenses and training for the system users. The Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness has a mission is to end homelessness in Alaska by increasing affordable housing. https://www.alaskahousing-homeless.org/