Housing Assistance in Georgia

Despite many facilities, services and infrastructure in Georgia, single mothers still have a hard time finding decent and affordable housing for themselves and their kids. This is mostly because all the information regarding housing assistance is either irrelevant or unclear. That said, we’ve compile this to act as a detailed resource for housing assistance programs and schemes in Georgia.

Georgia Department of Community Affairs

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs is the state’s housing agency and their objective is to ensure that all citizens of Georgia have access to proper and affordable housing. To achieve this, the agency works with the local government, volunteers and non-profit organizations. As a single mom, you may be assisted with paying your first mortgage, rent assistance or even assistance in understanding legal matters. This is their website: https://www.dca.ga.gov/

Georgia Housing Support

The housing support of Georgia was founded with the sole purpose of supplying emergency housing to those who are really in need. They help individuals keep up with rent payments and they also assist residents with basic start-up costs like furniture and other items. This program is mostly tailored for young adults who aren’t over the age of 21, but other citizens who don’t fall under that category may still apply. Other eligibility requirements can be found on their website: https://www.garyse-ilp.org/programs/housing-support

Georgia Low Income Coalition

This is a national scheme, but like each state, the state of Georgia has its own department. As a result of insufficient homes across the state, the low income coalition provides rental and mortgage loans and grants as well as groceries and healthcare to low-income residents. One of the requirements to be eligible is that candidates have to be earning less than 30% of the average earnings in their area. Find out more on their site: https://nlihc.org/housing-needs-by-state/georgia

Covenant House Shelter

It takes more than a roof over your head to help you get back on your feet, and the shelter of Covenant House fully understands this. They provide emergency shelter and transitional homes to people who have lost their balance. Beyond that, they also teach those people necessary life skills that will help them stay afloat once they leave the shelter. Get in contact with them at: https://www.covenanthouse.org/

Housing and Community Development’s Tenant-Based Rental Assistance

This is a tenant-based rental assistance program in the county of Fulton and in simple terms, the program provides help in various forms such as utility bills, deposit assistance and even help in paying rent. This scheme is funded yearly by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development and consequently all activities under the program must follow home regulations. Here’s where you can get more information: https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/home/topics/tbra/#policy-guidance-and-faqs

HomeAid Atlanta

HomeAid Atlanta is a non-profit organization that works hand in hand with other organizations to build and renovate housing in Atlanta and across the state of Florida in an effort to meet the growing demand of affordable homes for the struggling population. They don’t necessarily work on an application basis, instead candidate are singled out, however you can still get in touch at: https://www.homeaidatlanta.org/

Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness

In the late eighties, a group of advocates to end homelessness came together and founded the Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness, and ever since, it’s grown into a massive comprising several programs working tirelessly to assist residents in finding transitional and permanent housing, paying bills such as energy and finding reliable and permanent employment. Read more about them at:https://gahomeless.org/

The Georgia Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Georgia Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is funded by the federal government in order to assist, low and moderate income families, single mothers and other individuals pay their energy bills. Since energy is potentially dangerous if mismanaged, the program offers help in the forms of energy crisis assistance, weatherization and help in paying energy bills. Eligible candidates need to be legal citizens of the US, their total income should e less than 60% of the average income in the area and they need to be fully in charge of paying utility bills. This is where to get more details: https://dfcs.georgia.gov/services/low-income-home-energy-assistance-program-liheap

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Previously Section 8)

The Housing Choice Voucher is a housing program under the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. It’s specifically target at extremely and low-income households and it helps them afford decent housing in the private market. Their goal is to provide affordable, decent and safe living conditions to citizens all over the state of Georgia. As a result of large volumes of applications, they ensure that their eligibility requirements are very strict. Find out if you qualify from their website: https://housingconnect.org/programs/housing-choice-voucher/

Tifton Housing Authority

The Tifton Housing Authority serves the moderate and low-income population by supplying affordable yet safe and decent homes to those individuals. It was founded in the late 70s and since then, it works with community members, volunteers and no n-profit organizations in order to realize its mission. Read more on the Tifton Housing Authority on their site:  https://www.tiftonhousing.org/