Housing Assistance in Wisconsin

The community of Wisconsin has established a variety of housing assistance programs that cater to single mothers and other low-income earning groups living in the State. In the article below, we discuss some of the organizations that offer assistance whenever a single mom is in need.

Emergency Housing Assistance

The Hope Gospel Mission conducts the Short Stay program that provides a place to sleep, food, and clothing for families and individuals. The program isn’t intended to assist those who are faced with chronic problems such as long-term homelessness or joblessness. Residents may occupy the housing for up to 30 nights. The organization aims to offer help by:

  1. Availing a safe place to stay
  2. Catering for the basic needs of the residents
  3. Offering residents a program that allows them to change their lives
  4. Tackling the cause of their homelessness
  5. Requiring that the residents work to help them gain independence

The short-stay program is for mothers and pregnant women with at least 17 years and with children under the age of 10 years. https://www.hopegospelmission.org/

Rent Assistance

The Keep Wisconsin in Warm/Cool Fund is a non-profit, state-wide charity that assists in providing heat and power throughout the state. The organization provides preventive services and financial assistance required to help solve any energy-related emergencies during the winter season and hot summers. The funding is reserved for working families with young children as well as the elderly, disabled, and veterans. The energy assistance grants and services are provided where government funds are not available or fall far short of meeting the needs of those in a crisis. https://kwwf.org/

Utility Bill (Heating, Water, Electricity, etc.) Assistance

An organization called the Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative provides an abundance of assistance to the community through their program known as Operation Round-Up. It assists those in need to pay for emergencies such as shelter, groceries, food, clothing, groceries, medical care, education, and prescriptions. The cooperative is a private, non-profit utility organization. All those who receive electric service from the company become members of the cooperative. These members then select nine directors who conduct the day to day business functions. The directors are accountable for managing the cooperative by establishing policies, the staff at Scenic Rivers Energy guarantees that customers have reliable electrical service.

The organization aims to assist customers by:

  1. Promoting member participation.
  2. Educating the community
  3. Operating as an advocate for effective policies at all levels of government.


Eviction Prevention and Legal Assistance

The Wisconsin Judicare Inc. is a non-profit law firm that offers free representation and helps residents of Northern Wisconsin. The firm is devoted to offering equal access to justice to Wisconsin residents. They use the private bar to stand for low-income individuals together with the on-staff attorneys. The Wisconsin Free Legal Answers is a state-wide legal advice project that was launched by the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission.


The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee offers its services in both the city and the greater county. They provide numerous assistance programs varying from assisting the consumer with debt and also creating wills and providing counsel on avoiding evictions and homelessness. Legal Aid assists individuals in foreclosure save their homes by:

  1. Foreclosure mediation
  2. Foreclosure defense
  3. Loan modification enforcement
  4. Negotiating loan modifications


The firm known as Legal Action of Wisconsin Inc. offers free civil legal services to people experiencing difficult times in their lives. They offer access to justice which is a crucial civic issue. They provide counsel in civil legal proceedings. The firm provides legal representation regardless of the ability to pay. They serve clients statewide from six offices operated by nearly 80 qualified attorneys they also have several volunteer attorneys who donate hours of civil legal service each year. The firm ensures that the legal system better understands and assists the civil legal needs of all people. Their work is funded by private and public sources, including the federally funded Legal Services Corporation. Their work stabilizes and strengthens communities particularly those that have been underserved and marginalized.


Charities and Church Housing Assistance

The New Beginnings organization runs a program known as A Home for Mothers. It provides a place where single mothers can restart their lives. This maternity home allows mothers to grow into being responsible parents while nurturing their new babies in a caring environment. The New Beginnings allows a single mother to stay away from cultural pressures and raise her baby in a supportive environment. They provide opportunities for underprivileged mothers to gain their independence. The programs that are offered, provide chances to progress academically, acquire necessary skills in parenting and finance, partake in counseling meetings.


Homeless Shelter Assistance – Transitional Housing

The Crossing of Manitowoc County is a non-profit organization that aims to provide life-affirming assistance to individuals tackling unexpected pregnancies. They offer services for free, these services are intended to support families from different backgrounds. They concentrate on the welfare of children through educating parents. The organization offers an increasing selection of services including free limited obstetrical ultrasound examinations offered at their medical clinic. https://www.crossingmanitowoc.org/

Homeowner/Buyer Grants and Assistance

Movin’ Out is an organization that helps low-income earners including single mothers to become homeowners. They assist with forgivable or deferred loans for down payments that decrease first mortgage debt for lower monthly payments and lower the amount of money the applicant requires for closing. For individuals outside the City of Madison, they link Dane County low-income homebuyers with or without disabilities to housing counseling and mortgage reduction loans. https://www.movin-out.org/homeowners/dane-county

Home Improvement Grants

The Housing Rehabilitation Program is a loan program intended to support low-income households with home repairs. The funds are also accessible for rental properties. The loan is fortified by a mortgage. For properties occupied by the owners, the loans are provided at 0% interest and payments are deferred until the property is sold or the owner moves out of the home. The rental-property loans are provided at 3% interest and are paid off in monthly installments.  The property is required to have enough equity to make up for the value of all the current mortgages and debts, as well as the value of all repairs accomplished through the Housing Rehabilitation Program. https://www.co.chippewa.wi.us/community/housing-authority/home-repair

An organization called the Milwaukee Christian Center strives to form strong communities by offering opportunities to access housing and food security. The organization conducts a neighborhood improvement project that improves housing conditions for qualified low-income homeowners residing in deteriorating and hazardous homes. These free facilities make sure that homes conform to the local residential living codes. The services offered include heating, roofing, electrical, painting, siding, and structural improvements. https://mccwi.org/housing/

The link below provides additional housing assistance resources that have not been covered by this article: https://www.co.dunn.wi.us/