Grants for Single Mothers in Wisconsin

Across Wisconsin, families and single mothers alike are fully included in the federal and state government-funded financial assistance programs designed to complement the efforts of families who live on low-income. So to make it a bit easier for them, especially the single mothers the state has taken steps to facilitate programs that will ease the financial burden of those affected. Some of the packages in this program includes cash benefits, food, child healthcare, and some other medical benefits that come with it. Below are some of those assistance programs designed by the state government:

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

Wisconsin is one of the states in the United States that offer such a supplemental state credit facility which targets mostly working families who are part of federal government Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC); those who qualify for the EITC is automatically qualified for this program. Those grants given under Wisconsin’s Earned Income Credit are very well refundable and the percentage is measurable by the federal credit but depends on the number of children that particular family has as at the time they started paying their tax. Click here to apply.

Wisconsin Works (W-2)

This program is one of those Wisconsin time-limited-but-work-based programs that is made available to those low-income pregnant women and parents who met the requirement. The main goal of these (W-2) program is strictly based on self-sufficiency. The participants of this program are eligible for a monthly payment of $1653 especially when they make themselves available for the job training and employment programs. For interested individuals, First, you must be a resident in Wisconsin, must be pregnant or responsible for at least a child that is under 19 years of age. Also eligible are parents with children and must have a family income that is below 115% FPL. But if you a simple mother but do not live with your child, the state still offers a non-custodial parent service to help those who fall into this category to enable them to at least afford to pay for child support. You can click here to apply for the program.

Food Share Wisconsin

This is also known as “Food Share”, the state of Wisconsin makes available a monthly benefit to those families who fall into this category. The aim of this program is basically to enable families that have sufficient income to pay for needs. The benefit of this program includes $340 monthly cash assistance for eligible families. Though anyone is eligible for this program, the original aim of the program is to support low-income families with food assistance which has continued to be its main priority. The program also lay much emphasis on elderly people, the disabled, and people with an extremely small income. Once you qualified for this program all your Food Share benefits will be automatically be deposited into your Wisconsin QUEST card account. It is meant to continue coming on the same day of the same month you were found qualified. Click here to apply.

Wisconsin Shares

This is also known as Wisconsin’s Childcare Subsidy Program which is designed to help low income earning families afford their childcare services. Once a family is qualified for the program, things like the childcare service can be subsidized for the child. The program specifically targets children at age 13 year or those that are up to that age but special needs. This program if qualified will take care of part up the cost for your child’s childcare, the balance of bill will be co-paid by the parents and can be as low as 2% of family gross income. Interested individuals should visit the online platform or can always apply in person at any of the W-2 agency nearest to you.

Women, infants, and children (WIC)

This program takes care of both nutritional, educational, food, and referral to health care responsibility of the qualified families which comes at no cost at all. The main target of this program are the low-income pregnant women, infants, breastfeeding mothers, postpartum women, and children up to 8 years old. To qualify for this program applicants must be a resident in the state and most have an income that does not exceed 185% of FPL, and that individual must be medically quoted to be at nutritional risk. You can click here for more about the program.

Badger Care Plus

This program offers families living in Wisconsin a free or low health care cost for their children, it also covers both pregnant women that cannot afford a medical cost. Generally, it is designed to assist people currently uninsured. The Wisconsin Badgercare is meant to assist adults whose income is below 95% of FPL threshold or $19,000 for a family with three children (or 300% FPL) for pregnant women as well as children under 19years of age. Interested individual should visit the online platform here.