Mortgage Assistance Programs for Single Mothers

Your home is an indispensable asset; it provides shelter not only for you but for your kids as well. It may be difficult meeting up with mortgage payments as a single mother. Child support payments could come late or not come at all. As if that’s not enough, raising a child alone is one bone of contention, bills, repairs, and other miscellaneous expenses take their fair share of your income. All these factors should not stop you from achieving your goal of home ownership.

Fortunately, many assistance programs can assist single mothers with mortgage payments. These programs are structured to keep you and your children in your current home. So if you are about to be foreclosed upon, it is worth considering some of these stop foreclosure programs.

Government Programs

The government has identified that mortgage payment could be high, and generally, the populace could find it difficult to pay them regularly. This is why several programs have been designed to help modify or refinance your mortgage. It is essential to keep in mind that programs are continually changing, to get the best option available to you, you should set up an appointment with your local housing authority.

  • Hardest Hit Program (HHF)

The Hardest Hit Program helps eligible homeowners who have fallen behind in mortgage payments due to either loss of employment or reduction in income. It is a one-time reinstatement program and awards as high as $30000. This program is available in 18 states, though benefits and eligibility vary from state to state. The most common features of HHF are listed below.

  • Mortgage payment assistance to unemployed and underemployed homeowners
  • Mortgage refinancing to assist homeowners in getting better mortgage terms.
  • Support for homeowners who are moving out of their homes into more affordable places of residence.
  • Help with down-payment and second lien loan elimination.

Dial (888)-995-4673 or visit for more information on the Hardest Hit Program (HHF).

  • Making Home Affordable Website

The Making Home Affordable is a government website that provides helpful resources that can help you keep your home. Several programs have been listed for ease of access.  You could also get tips on how to avoid foreclosure. To obtain information on the documents that will be required by most mortgage companies, visit

Housing counseling experts are available 24/7 and will help you design a plan, educate you on your options, and prepare your application. Call (888)-995-4673 or visit the official Making Home Affordable Website at

Financial Support from Charities and NGOs

It may be worth looking into local organizations that can help with mortgage payments. Most of these organizations provide help at no cost at all. Services like financial advice, foreclosure and eviction prevention, counseling, and referral to helpful resources can be found at these centers. Some of the most popular ones have been listed below.

  • Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offers programs that could help pay your mortgage. They have identified that crises such as job loss, disasters, or medical issues are sometimes inevitable and are prepared to help. This group could provide cash grants for mortgage payments. Applicants will have to visit their nearest local Salvation Army center to access emergency assistance. You could also call (773)205-3520 for more details or visit

  • Catholic Charities

As a part of the Catholic Church, you may expect that help is only available to a select few. That is not the case as everyone from all walks of life are welcome to receive support. This group provides emergency financial support to help pay housing costs such as mortgage payments. Foreclosure counselors are available to access individual situations and provide solutions. To find a Catholic Charities location near you, visit

  • St Vincent de Paul

St Vincent de Paul has many programs that can help keep you in your home. An appointment is required before your needs can be met. Families in the Arizona area can use the Arizona 2-1-1 or call the St Vincent de Paul utility assistance line on 602-850-6948.

  • The United Way

The United Way itself does not offer financial support but provides helpful advice on what to do to avoid foreclosure. They will help you get into a repayment plan that will ensure that you and your family stay afloat during times of hardship. Find out more about United Way Assistance at


When facing imminent foreclosure, your lending company may allow for a temporary reduction or suspension of your mortgage payment, known as forbearance. This is to allow you the time you require to re-strategize how you can meet up with your payment. After the period of forbearance, the company could provide you with a more affordable payment plan to help pay missed amounts.