Rent Assistance in Massachusetts

Rental assistance programs provide financial assistance to help low-income families, especially single mom led ones to help them to rent apartments suitable for their needs other than apartments in public housing developments. This article will dive into detail about these assistance programs in Massachusetts.

State Programs

The City of Massachusetts offers a wide range of emergency rental assistance programs. These programs cater to children, pregnant women, single mothers, and the homeless. However for one to be eligible for these programs they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a resident of Massachusetts
  2. Have a gross income that enables them to be eligible for the assistance
  3. Applicants should be pregnant or have children below the age of 21
  4. Single mothers should have a legitimate reason for being homeless and this can be indicated by the following:
  • An eviction notice, or natural disasters
  • Survivors of domestic violence
  • No-fault eviction or children are exposed to a substantial health and safety risk

Furthermore, interpreters are provided to non-English speaking applicants to help them understand the documents distributed or something else about the program, free of charge.

Churches and Charities Help

Home-Start is a non-profit organization in Massachusetts that supports single mothers and their children, victims of domestic violence, veterans, and persons with disabilities with housing assistance. They negotiate on behalf of the tenant with the property owners, to reach an agreement that will avoid eviction and trauma of homelessness. Through its flexible monetary funds, Home-Start makes a payment directly to the property owner toward the back rent owed then the tenant will repay the balance of the rental payments over a specific interval.

Federal Programs

Resources for Communities and People (RCAP) Solutions is a non-profit community development program that offers housing assistance and benefits tenants by catering for their rental payments. The renters should be low-income earners to be eligible for the program. Their housing units must pass quality standards inspection to qualify for this assistance.

Eviction Help and Legal Assistance

Resolution Massachusetts offers mediation assistance at any point before an eviction is filed or throughout the court process.  The process of mediation can assist the beneficiary while they wait for a verdict on the application for Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) or other financial assistance. RAFT may offer low-income families payments that are made directly to the landlord to settle overdue or future rent expenses. Their community mediation centers now cater for remote services via telephone or videoconference or for both landlords and tenants. The workforce provides proactive assistance during the entire process. Their staff can provide recommendations to agencies for legal or financial assistance. It is frequently a faster and more cost-effective process than looking for a legal remedy.

Shelter Assistance

The Friendly House Shelter and Scattered Sites Program is a non-profit, temporary emergency shelter program providing short-term housing, widespread housing search, and services to help families to become self-sufficient. They serve families with children, expectant parents, and single who are homeless. Notably, these families that receive this assistance are already being by the Department of Housing and Community Development, a referral from them is an added advantage. Regardless of meeting eligibility requirements Friendly House still caters to these homeless families by providing shelter, emergency support, food, health care, after-school and summer programs, daycare, and counseling.  Visit their website for more information, resources, and direct support.

Housing Authority Assistance

Mass Housing is a non-profit organization in Massachusetts that provides housing assistance through financing and oversight to a comprehensive number of affordable and mixed-income rental communities. Single Moms can find affordable apartments, search rental housing lists and contact the property management company for the developments in which they might be interested and be assisted.

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