Help with Rent – Oklahoma

The need for rental assistance has become a necessity due to the economic hardships. Therefore, there are programs to help single mothers with their rental payments and ensure that they maintain safe housing. These programs are discussed in detail in this article.

Churches and Charities Rent Assistance in Oklahoma

The Bethel Foundation helps out one single mom at a given period. They aim to assist single mothers to gain healthy parenting skills while accessing quality housing, rehabilitation, and supportive mentoring.  There are specially designed programs that help children to confront the challenges linked to being raised in a single-parent household. The Bethel Foundation is an official Food Bank Agency serving as an Emergency Food Pantry and gives clothes for mothers and children as well as infants. Every single mother that completes the life skills counseling and mentoring program is offered the choice of purchasing the home they reside in while the Bethel Foundation assists them to gain stability. The organization aims to allow every mother to realize their potential through hard work.

The Homeless Alliance has a goal to end chronic homelessness in the community through partnerships with other agencies, finding and provide for gaps in services for homeless people. The Homeless Alliance runs numerous housing services for families with children, manages resources to house homeless people, runs infrastructure that can be utilized by different agencies. They operate and own a Day Shelter, a housing complex, and a Homeless Resource Campus which contains a Resource Center as well as an administrative center for numerous government and nonprofit agencies. At the Day Shelter families access meals; breakfast and lunch, offer showers, provide computers, mail, and phone, and avail services comprising of physical and mental and healthcare, assistance in making financial arrangements, and lawful support. They accommodate people with pets by offering a kennel complete with pet food, and veterinary services.

Shelter Assistance in Oklahoma

The Hope House OKC offers homeless families the chance to re-start their lives by giving support, safe housing, and a healthy community. The organization assists most at-risk families to end cyclic homelessness and generational poverty. Breaking the generational cycle requires a rounded approach that involves the whole family in the long run. The Transitional Housing Program offers families facing homelessness a completely furnished unit for a year and a chance to restructure their lives. There are various hurdles to conquer the effects of homelessness and poverty. The obstacles are specific to each person, they develop customized plans for each resident family to align to their dreams and future goals. Families are assisted with acquiring their driver’s license and obtaining transportation, continued education, lawful relief, resume development, job placement, job training, healthy living, and money management. The organization works with families to get reasonably priced housing for the future. Children experiencing poverty are exposed to hardships that affect them. To help them overcome this, the Hope House has developed programs to help them to deal with those situations. A program known as hopeKIDS helps children with 3 main areas such as educational development, physical health, and social awareness. For graduating families, there is a program to assist them to evaluate market-rate housing options. The program is known as the Forever Home. Families that are not eligible to pay market-rate rent for units owned by the HopeHouse OKC. ForeverHOME offers safe and reasonably priced housing for families without dealing with the numerous challenges this brings.

Housing Authority Assistance in Oklahoma

There are two distinctive Rental programs offered by the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation (HACN) to serve the community. These programs are intended to help low-income earners secure safe, decent, and clean housing. Participants of the Rental Assistance Program have the flexibility to search and secure a rental unit, given that the landlord approves of the contract with HACN.