United Way Assistance for Single Mothers

The United Way is a non-profit organization with worldwide operations. They partner with local private and public organizations to provide relevant information and solutions to people’s problems. As a single mom in the US, there are several offices of the United Way across the country; you can contact whenever you need help. The organization is committed to providing relief in three core aspects of human welfare, namely: education, health, and financial stability. They provide resources to individuals and families who are homeless. They also provide relief to people affected by natural disasters like; hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc. In this article, we will discuss some fundamental questions about United Way, their objectives, and how they assist single mothers in the United States.

What is the purpose of the United Way in America?

The purpose of United Way in America, as stated on their website, is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. This is the same for the United States. They provide solutions to millions of Americans, and they have many offices across the United States. With a presence in over 40 countries in the world, they are the largest charity organization. They have recorded high rate of successful programs in America. Private organizations and individuals are encouraged to donate toward the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives. They also encourage individuals to volunteer for programs that promote the common good of citizens. In your free time, you could volunteer in the United Way office near you. Your kind gesture is encouraged.

How do I get financial assistance from United Way?

As clearly stated on its website, the United Way does not provide direct financial help to people. They partner with already-existing public and private organizations to offer relevant information and resources to individuals. They also have specific programs that are targeted at helping Americans make informed financial decisions. As a single mother, you can contact them anytime to get updated information and resources to solve your problems. Be sure to contact your local United Way office to get the information you desire. The organization has a 2-1-1 helpline which you can call at any time for solutions to your challenges. You can also contact them through their website at http://www.211.org/

Can I get medical assistance from United Way?

You can get relevant information about medical assistance that is available to you in your city from the United Way. They collaborate with relevant health care organizations to provide timely information about your challenges. You can contact your local United Way agency to get relevant and updated information. When you call the 2-1-1 helpline, you’ll be connected to health practitioners in your town who will be able to help your situation. You can visit their website too at http://www.211.org/ search for information about how to get medical assistance quickly.

Core Areas of Operations


One of the areas of focus for the United Way is education. The organization believes in providing good education to children all over the country. Their educational programs have been found to perform well. Students’ performances in the selected schools have improved, and the program has been introduced to more schools. Some of their educational programs include; Born Learning, STEMUp, College Bound, Choice Neighborhoods, Early Learning Career Pathway. For more information on how to enroll your children on the Born Learning educational program sponsored by the United Way, please visit http://www.bornlearning.org


Another core area in which the United Way assists is health. Individuals and families are provided with information and other resources to make informed decisions about their health. As a single mom, you can contact the local United Way office in your town/city to get relevant information about the medical practitioners you’d contact to get help quickly. If you want to volunteer at your local United Way office, ensure you make your intentions known to them. The US citizens are encouraged to donate and volunteer at their local United Way office for the common good of the community. For more critical health pieces of advice, please visit https://www.unitedway.org/my-smart-money/immediate-needs/i-dont-have-healthcare/paying-for-healthcare-without-insurance

Financial Stability

The United Way also has several programs geared towards the financial stability of individuals and families. Their financial programs help Americans to make plans to improve their economic status. These plans must be followed with concrete actions to make them a reality. As a single mom, ensure you take advantage of their free resources to change your financial fortune. You can always contact your local United Way office to get the information you need. Some of United Way financial programs include; MyFreeTaxes, MySmartMoney. Ensure you take advantage of these financial programs to change your life for the best. To get more information about the United Way financial programs, please visit https://www.unitedway.org/my-smart-money.

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