Grants for Single Mothers in Alabama

Alabama is one of those states in the United States where, if you do not live in the country, you think nothing happens. It is neither one of the most visited nor known states, but it is one of the states whose greatest value lies in having been the center stage for the early civil rights movement. All this makes its population a fighter by nature. In the case of single mothers, Alabama offers a whole series of financial aid to contribute to the maintenance of the child and their families.

Single mothers in Alabama may benefit from many resources. Those moms are considered untiring workers as well as people who are completely dedicated to caring for their families. Also, the government of this state understands that, regardless of the effort made by this mother, in most cases, it is insufficient to maintain a home with a single income. For this reason, the state of Alabama has a series of financial aid programs that contribute in some way to supplement that family income. Below, there is a list of different programs that the Alabama government offers to single mothers and how they can get the most out of them.

Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Program (WIC)

The Women, Infants and Children Nutrition, commonly- known as WIC, helps safeguard the health of all those women who are in the so-called “low-income population”, and who are in a period of pregnancy, postpartum or breastfeeding, as well as taking care of their babies and their children under 5 years old. Among the benefits offered by this program are: the delivery of nutritious meals, nutritional education, and counseling in the clinics belonging to the WIC as well as the detection and subsequent reference to other social and health services.

Some of the additional services provided by the WIC include mobile clinics, health services infrastructure for Native Americans, and health centers and fields for immigrants.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program was designed especially for families with kids and children who are caring for family members in their homes. Among the services included in this program are:

Temporary cash assistance: As part of this program, beneficiary families who demonstrate having a low monthly income and who have children under the age of 18, or over 19 if they can prove they are in high school or are a full-time student of any technical specialty, will enjoy this benefit of temporary cash assistance to cover their basic needs.

Job training and Employment services: This is a supplementary program that is effective in the 67 counties of Alabama and was designed to help parents who benefit from temporary cash assistance to get a job. Services also include assessments to catalog where people can be placed, job readiness and job skills training, disability assessments, and adult education.

In order to qualify for this program, you must meet the following criteria: be a citizen or legal resident, have an income that is listed as low or very low; be unemployed, about to be unemployed or have an extremely low income. To learn more about eligibility, visit

Public Housing Program by the Alabama Association of Housing & Redevelopment Authorities (AAHRA)

Alabama is a state whose location makes it susceptible to suffering from the inclement weather, and it is usually found in those affected by tornadoes and/or hurricanes. For this reason, the state offers assistance options for those who require housing through the Alabama Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities. This is the entity to which you must go to manage everything related to housing.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, more commonly referred to as SNAP, grants to the beneficiaries a debit card in which the monthly amount that is assigned will be deposited to the recipient every month. This card replaces food stamps and is accepted in the same places where the stamps would be received. As an additional benefit, this card will be accepted as a form of payment in case the beneficiary would like to buy seeds to plant crops that would provide him or her with food. To learn more about the collections for this program your county, visit

In Alabama, these welfare programs designed for single mothers allow them to receive a monthly sum of money to lessen the economic burden placed on them and their children, even if this aid is only received for a limited time. However, these services can also help single moms to permanently re-enter the labor market, which provides greater support to the family unit, because unlike the monthly financial aid, being part of the labor market has a long-term impact and benefits on the mom and her children.