Grants for Single Mothers in Minnesota

We all understand it might not be easy for single moms to take care of themselves and their children on their own. Hence, the need to gain access to a host of programs that offers financial services and grants in Minnesota. Single moms in Minnesota can access these sorts of assistance irrespective of where they are in the state. Support can come in the form of grants, food, housing costs, mortgages, energy bills, free health care, and many more.

Single moms living in Minnesota would need to send out their applications to these many programs to get access to them. On this page, we will provide information on some programs that you can easily apply to.

Family Investment Program

Single mothers and other families who need assistance in meeting their basic needs can apply for this program to confirm if they are eligible to get food assistance and cash grants. They will need to meet up with the MFIP work and income requirements. Any single mom interested in this can call 651-431-3836

Minnesota State Grant

This grant is accessible to single mothers who are undergraduates and part of a family with little or no income. It is offered the State of Minnesota Department of Higher Education. Applicants can forward their application on the internet or contact 651-642-0567

Medical Assistance

Single mothers in the state can also apply for the Minnesota Medicaid program, which provides dental and medical care coverage to a family with low income and can meet with the requirements of the program. If you wish to apply for this program, you can contact 651-431-2670

Legal Assistance

Single mothers in Minnesota that require legal assistance can tap into the programs offered by numerous non-profit law organizations that operate within the state. You can connect with the state legal service support by calling 651-228-9105.

Unemployment Insurance

Single mothers that can meet with the requirements can apply for the unemployment insurance benefits. This is accessible by unemployed single mothers that have no jobs by no fault of their own. You must have worked within the state in the past 12 to 18 months and earned a minimum amount of wage to qualify for the program. You can call 651-296-3644 to apply.

Child Care Assistance

Single mothers with little or no income can access subsidized health care services for their children under this program. It is provided by the Department of Human Resources’ Division of Children and Families. You can connect with them via 800-657-3954 to confirm if you are eligible for the program.

Energy Assistance Program

Single mothers than need assistance in paying for the cost of cooling and heating of their home, or maybe in paying for their utility bills can access the Energy Assistance Program. You can apply for the EAP benefits if you have a low income and can meet with the requirements. To process your application, you can connect with the EAP through their hotline 1-800-657-3710

Housing Assistance

Raising a family as a single mother in Minnesota implies you will need suitable accommodation, especially when you have a young family to cater for. It is quite important that you have access to proper housing. There are several housing assistance available for single moms in Minnesota, and you can check below:

First Time Home Buyer Program

Single moms in the state can tap into the variety of programs available to first time home buyers. The state helps with down payments, gives assistance with the closing costs, and also help in locating the best mortgages with the best interest rates. You can check their website to browse all the programs available:

Education Assistance

Education cost in the state can be so high, and as a single mother who has other needs and obligations to fulfill; it might be difficult paying for your education. There are lots of grants and scholarships you can access to help with your education.

You can start with FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You can visit their website and download the necessary forms

Transportation Assistance

The Minnesota Access Transportation Services can grant access to free transportation to tests, doctor’s appointments, and medical treatments. These programs receive funding from the state and single mothers can gain access to them.