Housing Assistance in Minnesota

Life can be very challenging considering the economic difficulties that many people face. Families must provide a roof over their children and will also have to cope with many different housing expenses. The case is more severe when it comes to single mothers having financial difficulties. There are several federal, state, and local agencies which provide housing assistance to single mothers in Minnesota. Let’s discover these resources and find out which one can be available for you.

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency is an organization that is led by the State of Minnesota. The primary goal of this agency is to provide safe and affordable housing for low-income residents. Single moms who needs housing assistance can consult the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency. To get more information, please visit https://www.mnhousing.gov.

CommonBond Communities

CommonBond Communities is one of the biggest non-governmental organizations in Minnesota that provide low-cost housing. This organization intends to prevent homelessness in Minnesota. They serve over 9,000 families. Single mothers who look for safe and affordable housing can apply to this organization. For more information about CommonBond Communities, please visit https://commonbond.org/.

The Jeremiah Program

The Jeremiah Program is a local charity community in Minnesota. They help low-income families. Their major purpose is to save two generations of the family from homelessness. Single mothers seeking a secure home to live with their children can apply to the Jeremiah Program. They also offer educational programs for the children. To find out more about the organization, please follow the link https://jeremiahprogram.org/.

Minnesota Home Ownership Center

Minnesota Home Ownership Center is a local non-profit community that aims to reduce homelessness in Minnesota. Single mothers who call for financial assistance for their mortgage payments or rent assistance can apply to this organization. To learn more about the eligibility requirements, please visit https://www.hocmn.org/about-us/homeownership-advisors-network/.

Bridging Inc.

Most low-income families call on household items for their families. Bridging Inc. is a local non-governmental organization that offers low-income residents with various household items and furniture. Single moms who ask for basic household necessities in their home can apply to this institution. Please follow the link https://bridging.org/ for more information.

HeatShare Program Minnesota

HeatShare Minnesota is one of the programs that is offered by The Salvation Army approximately for 40 years. Their main aim is to help those people who are not able to pay their bills. Single mothers who cannot afford to pay their electricity, fuel, gas, or any other bill may apply to this program. For more information about eligibility criteria, please follow the link https://centralusa.salvationarmy.org/northern/heatshare-program/.

Lifeline and Link-Up

The Lifeline and The Link-Up are phone assistance programs that are provided by the federal government in Minnesota. They help people who are having communication problems. Single moms who cannot pay their phone bills can apply to both these programs. They can offer particular discounts according to your financial situation, or they may offer annual discounts. Their primary qualifications for these services are whether your household income should be under 135 percent of the federal poverty threshold or you must join certain programs. If you want a discount on your phone bills, please visit https://www.fcc.gov/general/lifeline-program-low-income-consumers.

Weatherization Assistance Program in Minnesota

The Weatherization Assistance Program in Minnesota (WAP) is supported by the federal government to assist energy efficiency. Single mothers who aim to reduce their energy bills can apply to this program. One of the eligibility requirements is that you need to prove that your household income is fewer than 50 percent of the state median revenue. It is not important whether you are a renter or landlord. You can apply to this program in both cases. To find out more about WAP in Minnesota, please follow the link https://mn.gov/commerce/consumers/consumer-assistance/weatherization/.

Reach Out for Warmth (ROFW)

The Reach Out for Warmth (ROFW) is a local non-profit foundation that aims to help people who are facing economic difficulties. Single mothers who cannot afford to pay for their utilities may apply to this program to get energy assistance. They provide not only financial assistance but also help single mothers to get their financial independence. For more information, please visit https://prairiefive.org/programs/reach-out-for-warmth-program/.

Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP)

The Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program is financed by the State of Minnesota. Their main focus is to help homeless people. Single moms who are about to lose their homes can apply to this program. If you are eligible, they can provide you with rent assistance and also help with forced eviction. If you ask for cash assistance for your household, you can apply to this program via https://www.mnhousing.gov/rental-housing/grant-programs/active-funding/fhpap.html.

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP)

The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) is another financial program subsidized by the State of Minnesota. Single mothers are particularly encouraged to apply for this program. If you are having financial difficulties, MFIP can offer you cash assistance and some other opportunities. Their key criteria is that you will have to join the Diversionary Work Program and work for four months. For more information, please visit https://mn.gov/dhs/people-we-serve/children-and-families/economic-assistance/income/programs-and-services/mfip.jsp.

Minnesota Energy Assistance Program (MEAP)

Minnesota Energy Assistance Program is funded by the federal government via the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The main goal of this program is to support low-income people in Minnesota who are having difficulties paying their utility bills. Single moms who need help with their utility bills may consider applying for this opportunity. To learn more about this program, please follow the link https://mn.gov/commerce/consumers/consumer-assistance/energy-assistance/.

Greater Minnesota Workforce Housing Development Program

The Greater Minnesota Workforce Housing Development Program has been working since six years in Minnesota. This program is supported by the State of Minnesota to help low-income families. They mainly provide loans for people to have their own homes. Single mothers planning of becoming a homeowner may consult this program. If you would like to be a homeowner but do not have enough money, please visit to learn more https://www.mnhousing.gov/rental-housing/housing-development-and-capital-programs/workforce-housing.html.

Homeownership Education, Counseling, and Training Program (HECAT)

Homeownership Education, Counseling, and Training Program in Minnesota is also gone by the name of Enhanced Homebuyer Counseling. This program provides education and guidance for low-income people who want to have their own homes. Single mothers planning to be a landlord can apply for this program. If you need guidance about buying a home, please contact https://www.mnhousing.gov/homeownership/community-initiatives-programs/homeownership-education-counseling-and-training-fund—homeownership-capacity.html.

Kandiyohi Power Cooperative in Minnesota

Kandiyohi Power Cooperative in Minnesota is a local electricity cooperative that helps low-income families. They help not only with electricity bills but may also provide clothing support, groceries, housing assistance, and more services. Please follow the link to learn more https://kpcoop.com/.