Grants for Single Mothers in Ohio

Parenting can be a challenging task for couples, but when it falls on a single mother it becomes a daunting task especially when it comes to the financial aspect of caring for the child. Today, in Ohio, you are bound to see single mothers who work multiple jobs just to meet their responsibility of raising their kids. For this, the Ohio government has come up with some support programs specially designed to assist single mothers and help them get over difficult times. Those programs are listed thus:

Ohio Works First (OWF)

The Ohio Work First Program is a financial assistance designed and executed by Ohio’s TANF program. The purpose of its establishment is to provide financial assistance to the needy families who qualify for the program; this assistance is meant to last for 3years (36 months). During this program, eligible applicants are expected to participate in some work activities for a specific number of hours throughout those 36 months they are on the program. The OWF program for a family of three stands at $483 and they are issued through the Ohio Pathway Card or it can be sent directly to their bank accounts. Interested individuals who wish to apply for the Ohio Work First (OWF) program should use the online Benefit Ohio platform or by simply filling out the “Request for Cash, Food and Medical Assistance” form and submit it to their respective country agency.

Food Assistance Program

This is a redesigned version of the Food Assistance Program formally called the Food Stamp Program. The main purpose of the program is to assist low-income residents in Ohio with feeding. There are some requirements needed for an individual to qualify for this food assistance program interested applicants must have to be earning a gross monthly income that is below 130% of FPL guidelines or around $26,500 annually for single mothers with two children. Once you are accepted into the food program, your benefits will automatically be transferred to your Ohio Direction Card account same day of the month which you were confirmed eligible. Interested applicants should use the Ohio Food Assistance Program portal or call 1-866-244-0071.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

This program is designed to help breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, new mothers, infants and children that are up to 5 years old with their feeding. To qualify for this program, interested applicants must be certified by a health professional that they are really at “nutritional risk”, and secondly, they must also fit in with income guidelines of the Ohio WIC. To sign up for this program, Visit For further inquiries, you can contact 1-800-755-4769.

Healthy Start Program

This is another health program designed by the Ohio state government in a bid to help families cover for basic and long term medical services of qualified families in Ohio especially those that cannot afford medical insurance. One of the criteria for qualifying for this program is that interested families should at least have a child that is under the age of 19, and must fit into the Federal Poverty Level of 133% in income. Qualified applicants stand to have access to medical services like prescriptions, doctor visits, hospital care, dental care, immunization, vision, mental health service, etc. Interested individual should visit Ohio Benefit online platform to apply. They should also note that once they qualify a medical card will be issued afterwards.

State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)

The Ohio Healthy Start gives medical coverage for those children that are under 19 years of age as well as pregnant women if they qualify through the official income eligibility level. To qualify for the program, interested families must have at least a child that is not medically insured or the family’s income rate should be at 206% FPL (or less) while the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for pregnant women stands at 200%. For those interested in the program, they should use the SCHIP Portal or call 1-800-324-8680 for further information.

The Children’s Buy-in (CBI)

This program is specifically designed for children that are not insured and live in a family that earns 300% FPL. To qualify for this program, the child (children) must be uninsured for six months before enrolling in the program. Secondly, they must note that the monthly premium for this program varies according to the family monthly income. Interested applicants can use the program online portal for more inquiry on the program.