Help with Rent – Ohio

The cost of living is ever increasing in the fast-evolving economy and it is becoming harder to sustain a family on a single income. Low-income earning single mothers often need support in the form of rental assistance. Numerous organizations can help and these are discussed in this article.

Churches and Charities Rent Assistance in Ohio

A non-profit agency known as the Supports to Encourage Low-income Families Inc. (SELF) is a community action agency that emphasizes education and employment and aims to reduce obstacles for low-income single-mother families to attain and sustain their independence. SELF offer programs that encourage people to acquire new skills, budget, find a job and set aside money to open up a small business. They also provide home repairs, utility assistance, weatherization, and mobility modifications for low-income-earning families and individuals.

Eviction and Legal Assistance in Ohio

The Toledo Housing Court attends to eviction and rent escrow cases. The tenants pay rent into an escrow account with the Housing Court due to a disagreement with the property owner. When a claim of unfit or substandard housing standards is made at a hearing, an instant referral is presented to a housing specialist. In hearings about eviction, a housing specialist can be selected to inspect the conditions that violate the safe housing code. The owner of the property will then be instructed not to rent out the unit while waiting for the conditions to be improved. The landlord will be assisted in determining the period required for completion. The Housing Specialist often acts as an arbitrator between the tenant and the landlord to reach a concession for the specific problem.

Shelter Assistance in Ohio

The Warren County Community Services (WCCS) manages housing for families and the elderly in the community. As an agency, they are dedicated to offering secure, inexpensive housing to income-eligible people. They have several units available for families. The housing is safe, spacious, clean, and reasonably priced rental housing. These are three-bedroom apartments with many more desirable facilities for the whole family. The volunteer staff works together with the family to develop a customized assistance plan for the families that are having challenges with attaining and sustaining their independence. There are emergency services available such as rent and utility vouchers specifically for people that might be evicted or disconnected. They offer financial assistance which is based on the specific needs of the family or individual, this is only done if the funding is available. These services are administered by Family Services staff who will assist the family to also identify and develop plans to ensure that they never have to request financial assistance again.

St. Vincent de Paul is a non-profit organization that helps the homeless in the community by providing them with emergency shelter, food, permanent and transitional supportive housing, household and clothing items, and counseling to guide them towards an independent life. They run a 24-hour homeless shelter, for families with children and single women. At the shelter, they offer three meals a day, personal care items, clothing, message and mail services, as well as case management.

Rental Home Improvement Assistance in Ohio

The Detroit Shoreway Community Development links applicants to the City of Cleveland’s Paint Program which offers free vouchers for supplies and exterior paint for tenants to assist in preserving the home and lessen hazards caused by lead-based paint. The vouchers only cater to the paint and supplies needed. The beneficiaries of the program are required to complete lead safety training. There are free weatherization programs that will assist in reducing energy consumption, protecting the home from hazardous elements, and advance energy efficiency.