Grants for Single Mothers in South Carolina

South Carolina, just like any other state in the United States, is faced with the challenges of lack of funds to carter for most children who live with single mothers. With the severe economic conditions for several millions, many families whose income is on the average have slid into the poverty circle. It is not therefore surprising that at the end, single mothers and their children are the ones who bear the most part of this unfavorable economic atmosphere. Recently, it was estimated that 40% of South Carolina residents have been certified as poor, evidence that has justified the hardship of the affected individuals. Mainly due to these real life conditions , the state government has designed several key programs that are aimed at tackling the challenges of the affected families. Those programs are listed as:

Earned Income Tax Credit

South Carolina has designed its own non-refundable Income Tax Credit (EITC) which functions asĀ  “piggybank” cash gotten from the federal government credit. The South Carolina as it stands has been counted among the 27th state in the country to have adapted the non-refundable Income Tax Credit program. With the way this program was designed, eligible individuals are meant to enjoy 0.2083% installment from the EITC fund over 6 years period until they are fully eligible to receive a payment worth 125% of Federal Government EITC. Through this program, low-income earners in the state, most importantly, low-income families will be provided with a modest financial benefit, but because the program is a non-refundable initiative, those people who pay little on state income tax are expected to receive little or nothing from the program. To apply to visit the online portal South Carolina Earned Income Tax Credit to proceed.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

This program is time-limited. It is designed to assist low-income families who have children to take care of and cannot afford their basic needs. To qualify for this program, interested individuals must have to meet the income threshold of 50% federal poverty level. Though there has been a similar program called the FamilyIndependenceProgram which was specially designed to assist single parents who have two children and families who have disabled adults. The TANF participates who make-up the targeted population are estimated to be two-thirds of the number of people who applied for the FamilyIndependence program, majority of them being children under the age 18-years of age. To be eligible for this program, interested applicants are expected to be involved in at least two weeks constant job search except for those that are over 60 years of age or disabled. Qualified eligible individuals for the program are expected to get their benefit for 24 months in 10 years, though most of the time the expiration period could just be extended considering the present hardship. Interested parties who wish to participate in this program can visit the online portal for further instructions.

Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

This is the South Carolina version of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. It helps low-income families, disabled persons, and elderly people with some cash assistance to enable them to buy food and also some nutritional edibles to supplement their diet. To be eligible for this program interested participants must meet the 130% EPL guidelines. To apply for the program online, visit SCMAPP, fill an application form and return it to any DSS country office. For further inquiry on how to register for this program, interested parties should call 1-800-616-1309. Please note that all benefit associated with the SNAP program is automatically transferred to the South Carolina EBT card same day of the month when they were cleared eligible.

Health Connection

Health Connection Program is designed to provide low or free healthcare for low-income families to enable them to afford their public health insurance. Eligible individuals for this program include children from families with low income as well as pregnant women. Due to the limited availability of funds, this program is not extended to non-disabled adults, but families that earn an income of less than 62% of FPL are also qualified for this program. For pregnant women, they are expected to meet the 194% FPLincome guideline. To apply for this program, interested applicants can visit the online platform of the South Carolina Health Connection or call (888)549-0820.

Healthy Connections Kids

This is a health insurance program specifically designed for children that are up to 19 years old and reside in South Carolina. The main target of this program are children who are not fortunate enough to be eligible for the Medicaid program, and also those who are not insured. The program is meant to give free Medicaid care to children who came from families who earn below 208% poverty guideline. Please note that this program does not include coverage for adults. To register your kid visit the South Carolina Healthy Connections Kids online platform for more information and possible registration.