Housing Assistance in South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the oldest and most crowded states in the United States. Summers are hot and humid, winters are cold. However, it is an affordable place to live considering taxes, utilities, and housing. It seems to be a good state to live in yet some groups may have economic challenges like single mothers. Single mothers can have trouble paying their rent or utilities or may need housing assistance. Let’s check out which state, federal or local programs are available for them.

The Family Shelter (FS)

This is a local non-profit organization that aims to reduce homelessness for low-income families in South Carolina. The FS prioritizes single mothers living with their children. They can live in one of the emergency shelters with their children until they can become financially independent. Hence, this organization promotes educational courses for women to improve their skills and abilities. If you are in need of emergency housing assistance, you can apply for the FS. When you are accepted, you can live for up to 120 days with your family. If you cannot find a job or afford a house on your own at the end of this term, the Family Shelter reevaluates your case and your stay can be extended. To learn more and apply, please go to the link https://www.familysheltersc.org/.

South Carolina Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is one of the federally funded utility programs that aims to help low-income residents with their utility bills. Single moms who are seeking utility assistance can consider applying for LIHEAP.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a resident of the State of South Carolina.
  • You must provide that you are not able to pay your utility bills.
  • If you are receiving help from the other federal government programs such as SNAP and TANF. You are directly eligible for LIHEAP.

To get more information, please visit http://energy.sc.gov/residential/ebills or call 1 800 251 7234.

Section 8-South Carolina Housing Choice Voucher Program

This is another federally funded program whose mission is to offer rental support for low and moderate-income families. Single mothers who are searching for a house or apartment can apply for this program. Eligible families can get a rental house for the home they choose to live in. To examine the qualifications for this program, please go to the link https://www.schousing.com/Home/RentersHousingChoiceVoucher.

Christ Central Ministries – Hannah House

Christ Central Ministries is a statewide local organization that has various housing programs. Hanna House is a temporary shelter for women who live with or without their children. The main purpose of the Hanna House is to make sure that every single woman can afford their household on their own. Thus, it provides educational courses to increase the skills and abilities of women. Find out more information at https://www.christcentralministries.org/hannah-house or dial 803 771 43 57.

Friendship Place, Inc.

Friendship Place, Inc. is a local charity establishment that offers temporary shelters for homeless residents in South Carolina. This organization helps particularly low-income people who are willing to improve their economic condition. It aims to break the homelessness cycle by helping others. Single moms who are looking for transitional housing and gain their economic independence can get in touch with Friendship Place, Inc. To learn more, please visit https://friendshipplaceinc.org/ or call 843 545 1115.

Nurture Home (Women, Mothers)

This is a local non-profit community organization that assists temporary housing for young pregnant mothers, homeless women, and children. The Nurture Home not only provides housing assistance but also helps with the mental health of women. It has a number of shelters across the State of South Carolina. To learn the nearest shelter to you, please go through this link https://www.mha-aiken.org/nurture-home  or by phone at 803 641 4164.

The Haven Shelter

The Haven Shelter has been functioning since 1983 as a non-profit shelter organization for low-income families. Single moms can be prioritized by them. When the eligible candidates are accepted for this shelter, they will be getting educational classes to strengthen their abilities. This organization promotes two programs which are Homelessness Prevention and Emergency Shelter. Both of these programs offer housing and financial assistance. To get more information, please contact https://thehavenrh.org  or call 864 582 6737.

The Salvation Army

This is one of the most influential non-profit organizations throughout the United States. It offers emergency cash support and shelter assistance for families struggling with financial problems. Single mothers who are facing financial struggles and need these services can apply to the nearest local office of the Salvation Army in South Carolina. For more information please follow the link https://www.salvationarmycarolinas.org/ or dial 704 522 4970.

South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS)

South Carolina Legal Services assists with legal support for people who are not able to afford legal services. This is a non-governmental civil rights organization that is financed by the Federal Legal Services Corporation. Its mission is to ensure that everyone has equal access and representation in front of the law. Single moms who are seeking legal support can get in touch with the SCLC. To learn more https://sclegal.org/ or call 1 888 346 5592.

St. Lawrence Place

This is a local community shelter organization for residents needing housing assistance. Eligible applicants can live in St. Lawrence Place for up to two years. Besides, they provide various programs for people to improve their economic situation. Many single moms already have been benefiting from this organization. To get more information, please follow the link https://www.homelessnomoresc.org or contact 803602 6379.

Catholic Charities of South Carolina

Catholic Charities is one of the very effective non-profit organizations in South Carolina. They offer a wide variety of services for South Carolinians. Two of these programs which are Homeless & Outreach and Pregnancy & Family can be useful for single mothers. Besides cash assistance and transitional housing, applicants can participate in different classes. To learn more and apply, please visit https://charitiessc.org/programs.