Grants for Single Mothers in Texas

It is no doubt that the life of a single mother can be stressful compared to the life of normal parenting where the man and the wife play different significant roles in the family, hence making it easier to manage the home front. In Texas, the state government through its ministries understands clearly the challenges of these people. Several state support programs have made it possible for single mothers living in Texas to get access to healthcare, education, food, shelter and other basic needs for little or nothing.

All these grants and financial assistance are all channeled to one purpose which is to improve the lives of single mothers and make them self-sufficient. Below are some of the programs created by the state government in a bid to improve the lives of single mothers.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

This program is being designed to provide some temporary cash assistance to children parents or relatives who need financial assistance. In this program, every single mother with two children is meant to get cash assistance of up to $290 every month. In Texas, those cash assistance are paid through Lone Star Card which works the same as a debit card, allowing users to use it in the form of an ATM card. It is easy to apply for this program, interested individuals should visit their Texas Benefit online portal for families in crisis, those families who are about to or has lost their homes, lost their job, or are in need of urgent medical assistance can get up to $1000 in cash but can only be given once a year (12 months), that is if you qualify.

Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)

The program is designed to help cater to those low-income families who are the residents of Texas. Interested applicant must note that all eligible SNAP participants who not disabled or raising children are expected to meet the SNAP work rules as well as ABAWD work rules. On the other hand, Texas residents who are currently recovering from hurricane Harvey are also eligible for a subsection of the SNAP program called Disaster Food Benefit managed by USDA’s section of Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Click Here for more information and application.

Women, Infant, and Children (WIC)

This is a nutritional program that is designed to help pregnant women, young children, and new mothers eat on a nutritional diet as well as tutored in healthy nutritional living. To be eligible for this program, interested individuals must meet up with the program eligibility criteria which include income that falls within 185% federal poverty level individual must be certified by a professional health worker to be at some kind of nutritional risk. The program provides special vouchers specifically designed to buy foods, and edibles that will supplement their diet. Those benefits associated with the program include free screening, breastfeeding support, nutritional education, and a referral to certified health care. Interested applicant can call 1-800-942-3678. It is toll-free by the way, or they can use the online platforms.


The primary purpose Texas Medicaid is to assist those children who are from low income earning families, people with disabilities who as a result could not afford insurance cover, pregnant women, and old people who are in need of financial help. Since there are limited funds for this program, these medical grants are limited to disabled adults, and parents with the income that is below 15% of EPL. The Texas eligibility status for the Medicaid program has been ranked along with Alabama to be the states having the strictest Medicaid eligibility guideline. As a result of this, there have been many adults in Texas that are uninsured. Interested individuals should use the online platform for more information and application.

Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

The Texas CHIP program is designed to assist children whose families are not eligible for the Medicaid program and still cannot afford private insurance. With the CHIP program, children in the above-mentioned families will be able to gain access to free health care coverage, which includes routine Medicaid checkups, vision, and dental care, lab tests, and drug prescription. To qualify for this program, this child’s family must have up to 201% FPL in income, for single mothers, with 2 kids the income is expected to be less than $42,800. Interested families should use the CHIP online platform to register.

Healthy Texas Women

This is a program which its primary target is women’s health as well as family planning, and it provides all this at no cost at all to the eligible women who are the residence of Texas and meets the income condition of less than 200% FPL. Also in the program, eligible women who earn low income get women’s health exams, preventive health screening, family planning, which comes with contraception, all in at no cost. Interested women can call 2-1-1 starting from 8 am – 6 pm central time from Monday – Friday, or can also apply from their Online Portal.