Housing Assistance in Texas

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States. It has rated one of the best GDP growths in the past years. There is a wide range of programs offered by the local, state, and federal authorities designed to help low-income people including single mothers.

Texas Rental Assistance

Texas Rental Assistance is financed by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA). The mission of this program is to provide rental support for low and moderate-income families. Single moms who cannot afford their rent may apply for this program. To get more information, please visit https://www.hud.gov/states/texas/renting or by dialing 800 955 2232.

Hope for Home Owners (H4H)

H4H was created by Congress and is also known as HARP in Texas. The Home for Home Owners program aims to avoid forced eviction and to prevent homelessness. This organization offers to prepare a fixed mortgage plan for 30 years by negotiating with your lender.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Your original mortgage must be dated on or before 2008.
  • You must not default on the first loan on purpose.
  • You must not apply for other mortgage programs.
  • You must present accurate information that shows that you are telling the truth.

Find out more information at https://www.fha.com/hope_for_homeowners.

Home Sweet Texas Home Loan Program (TSAHC)

TSAHC is a non-governmental organization that is financed by the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation. It has been serving low and moderate-income residents with their housing needs. Single mothers who seek a safe and affordable house can consider applying for this program. They may get cash assistance or loans for their housing needs. To get more information, please visit https://www.tsahc.org/ or call 512 477 3555.

Section 8-Texas Housing Choice Voucher Program

Section 8 is a federally funded housing assistance program throughout the country. Single moms who are in need of a safe and low-cost house or apartment to live with their family can consider applying for this program. Your total household income must be at or under 30 percent of the area’s median revenue. When you are accepted for Section 8, you will be choosing the place where you live as the name of the program implies. Then this program negotiates with your homeowner and pays the specific amount of the rent. To apply, please follow the link https://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/section-8/.

Shelter Plus Care Program (SPCP)

SPCP is a housing assistance program for disabled single mothers living in the State of Texas. It is financed by the federal government and designed to avoid the homelessness of women who have an illness. If you have a disease that prevents you from working or causes economic problems, this program may be a good help for your family. Find out more at https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/spc/.

Lone Star Legal Aid Program

This is a free civil legal rights service for low and moderate-income individuals in Texas. This program has various offices across the state. Single moms who are facing forced eviction or need legal assistance on their legal case may get in touch with this program. To learn more about the Lone Star Legal Aid Program, please visit https://lonestarlegal.blog/ or dial 800 733 8394.

Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP)

CEAP is a federally funded energy support service in the State of Texas. The main aim of this program is to assist utility support for low-income residents. Eligible single mothers can get financial support for their energy-related problems.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a resident of Texas.
  • You must seek cash support for utility bills.
  • If you already receive help from SNAP, SSI, or TANF, you will be directly eligible for CHEAP.

To apply, please go to the link https://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/community-affairs/ceap/index.htm.

CPS Energy

CPS Energy is a local electricity company in Texas. It offers energy assistance for low-income individuals and families. This local non-profit program can be useful for single moms looking for help with utility bills. For more information, visit https://www.cpsenergy.com/en.html or dial HELP 4353.

San Bernard Electric Cooperative

This organization is intended to offer energy assistance for low-income families in Texas. Those looking for a discount can contact this organization. To read more https://www.sbec.org/ or by phone at 979 865 3171.

ACH Child and Family Services

The mission of this local non-profit organization is to make sure that families stay together as the name of the program Families Together implies. It assists temporary housing for single mothers and their children who are facing homelessness. Once you are accepted into this program, it does not only present safe and decent housing but also helps you to improve your employment skills and guidance for your traumatic experiences. Find out more information at https://achservices.org/programs/Families-together/ or contact 888 296 8099.

The Weatherization Assistance Program

This is a federal government program aimed to provide free weatherization services for residents who want to increase their energy efficiency. Besides they may have home repair assistance and technical help for the house based on the family’s economic condition. Check out the website for eligibility criteria https://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/community-affairs/wap/.

Salvation Army of Texas

The Salvation Army of Texas offers financial, clothing, food, utility, and counseling services for every low and moderate-income person who needs it. Single mothers struggling with any of these issues can get in touch with the nearest office of the Salvation Army. In addition to these, single moms may benefit from housing assistance with their family. For more information, please follow the link https://www.salvationarmytexas.org/.