Grants for Single Mothers in Washington

Washington has been providing financial assistance and grants that enable single mothers to meet up with the responsibility in the home front. Many support programs have been made available in a bid to lessen the financial burden of single mother families. Such financial assistance provided by the state government includes:

Washington Work First

This is a welfare reform program designed by the government to help those low-income families and individuals to either find a new job, keep their current jobs,  or even find another one while they keep their first job. Under the Washington Work First Program, interested applicants are expected to actively seek jobs else they will be exempted. Procedure for applying for the Work first program demands you request for an application at the local Community Service Office (CSD) close to you or log on to online portal for your online registration. Successful applicants are expected to get $11,250 as an emergency fund.

Women, Infant, and Children (WIC)

Those who qualify for this program are eligible services like health screening services, nutritious meals, breastfeeding support, and nutrition education. Both infants, children, and women whose income falls below government fixed poverty rate are very much eligible for this program there must be a report from a health professional that confirms that the individual is at “Nutritional risk”. But you can still check on the online platform to know more about this program and apply as well.

Pregnant Women Assistance Program (PWA)

This is a state-funded program that provides monetary assistance to mostly low-income pregnant women who are unfortunate not to be eligible for the TANF program. Once you are a Washington residence and pregnant as at the time of the application, you may be very well eligible for a monetary grant of $197. You can as well click here for more on this program.

Apple Health (Medicaid)

The program is designed to assist families who cannot afford to pay their health care bills, and it is seen as the best aid for old people who are in nursing homes. Those eligible for this program are low-income families who have children to cater for.  Under this program, adults from age 19-65, whose income is way below 133% of government quoted the poverty level are automatically qualified for the program. Currently, Washington owns a marketplace called WA HealthPlanFinder – an official platform where every uninsured residence in Washington go-to for health coverage.

Apple Health for Kids

This version of Apple Health program is specifically designed for children from the ages of 19 and living in the Washington State. The purpose of this program is to cover the major bill of children especially dental problems and other preventive ailments.  This program is actually for free for all the single mothers with a monthly income of $3,822, but for those that didn’t fit into this category might have to make some premium payment to get involved. Interested individuals will have to sign up on WAHealthPlanFinder for further installation.

Charity Care Program

Washington is one of those few states in the United States that have created a law that requires that all the hospitals in the state provide free healthcare services for both outpatient Care and free In-patients with low-income earners and uninsured patients as the main targets. The program is specifically created for those patients whose income falls below 100% Federal government Poverty Level (FPL) and they are very well eligible for free healthcare.  Also eligible are people whose income falls between 100-200% FPL but in this case, they are given a reasonable discount on healthcare services. Click Here for more information on the program.

Working Connection Child Care (WCCC)

This program is designed to help low-income families that reside in the state of Washington to pay for Children Care Services while working towards meeting up with WA WorkFirst requirements. To the eligibility for this program the size of your family as well your income level must be ascertained. Those families who qualify for the program will now be made to choose the childcare provider of their choice. Applicants will have to wait for 30days for the DSHS to say whether they are qualified for the program or not. Click here for more information and application

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

This is solely designed for low-income earners with families that also reside in Washington. The main purpose of this program is to help these families meet up with their energy needs. When certified eligible, the household will have to receive a one-time deposit directly into their (utility) accounts. The specific reason for the Home Energy Assistance Program is to help families keep up with their heat utilities most especially those houses that have either disabled people, elderly, or vulnerable people. Click here for more information and to apply.