Healthcare for Single Mothers

Good health is vital in the life of every individual. This is why it is essential for everyone – single mothers and their wards inclusive – to have access to quality and affordable healthcare. Medical costs can get so high, especially in times of emergencies. Urgent medical care could leave a dent in the family’s finances.

As a single mother on a low income and no health insurance, you may wonder what are the options available to you, or are you looking for a way to reduce medical costs? In this guide, helpful resources have been put together to inform you of the options you can utilize to get the medical services you may require.


Medicaid is a federal and state joint program that supports people with low income and resources with healthcare costs. It is the largest and most widely available governmental scheme and provides free health insurance to more than 74 million people across the United States. There are certain requirements that an applicant must fulfill before being able to apply for Medicaid. For one, those applying for Medicaid must be citizens of the United States. They must also meet federal poverty guidelines and must show a significant need for help. Find out if you are eligible for Medicaid at

Depending on the state you reside in, Medicaid may cover all dental and medical services on a free or low basis. Visit the official Medicaid website at or call 877-267-2323 to get your Medicaid application started.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

CHIP is a health insurance program structured to meet the medical and dental needs of children from low-income families. Parents whose income is deemed too high to qualify for Medicaid should be eligible to receive medical coverage from CHIP. Each state has its income eligibility requirements; Children between the ages 0-19 could be eligible for Chip.

You can confirm your eligibility status by calling (800)-318-2596 or visit for more details.

Supplemental Security Income

Social Security administers the Supplemental Security Income. Every month, monthly benefits are paid to beneficiaries, which mostly include people with limited resources or are disabled. These payments could be used to offset some medical bills and other necessities. Most people on SSI automatically qualify for additional federal healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid. To find out if you are eligible for SSI, visit

Health Well Foundation

The Health Well Foundation provides cash grants to assist people in paying for their healthcare costs and medical bills. Those who have a form of insurance can be helped if there are still any remaining bills (premiums) that need to be settled. Other expenses they cover are coinsurance, copayments, and insurance copayments. If you need urgent medical care, it might be worth contacting this organization. Apply now by calling (800)-675-8416 or visit the official website of the Health Well Foundation at

Mission of Mercy

The goal of the Mission of Mercy is to provide free surgical, vision, medical, and dental services to those that can’t access due to one reason or the other. Medical equipment is donated to local hospitals with the aim of improving the hospital’s capabilities. Patients are given free prescription pills and medical care. Some other medical assistance they render includes dental care, checkups, and more.

Find more details about Mission of Mercy at  or call (717)-642-9062

Hill-Burton Free and Reduced-Cost Health Care

The Hill-Burton Act is a federal government program that provides hospitals and other healthcare facilities with federal grants for construction, renovation, and modernization so that they can provide patients with free or low-cost health services. In short, these facilities receive federal support in exchange for providing free medical services to the needy. Various criteria need to be satisfied. People already on any form of governmental assistance do not qualify for this program. A certain income level is necessary before help can be provided.

To apply for the Hill-Burton scheme, you must ask for it as it is not available to all. The facility you are using has to offer the program. Applications can be made at the admission office, billing department, or business office of the clinic.


The Walgreens Chain provides free checkups and treats minor health issues to those that patronize their in-store clinics. To benefit from this, you must either be currently receiving government benefits or must have recently lost your job.

Free and Low-Income Clinics

In most cities across the United States, there are many health facilities that offer selected medical services either for free or on a sliding fee scale. These clinics exist to provide medical services to those on a low-income, uninsured or do not have access to proper health services. Medical professionals run most clinics from the local community who volunteer there. These centers can offer essential services like checkups, treatment for routine illness, and other minor diseases. They may not be able to offer more complicated programs like surgeries but should be able to refer to where such services are provided.