Grants for Single Mothers in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is one of the smallest states yet populated. But just like every other state in the United States, Rhode Island has got its share of single mothers who cannot comfortably afford to take care of their families, particularly the children. The state has responded to this issue through many number of support programs designed as a safety net for single mothers and their children. The main purpose of these programs is to protect families especially the ones that have single mothers as breadwinners who find it difficult to cater for their family. Below are those assistance programs meant to help those set of people:

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

This program was modeled after the Federal Government Credit program, the Rhode Island EITC is designed to help reduce the poverty rates among working families. Under the present law, the low-income taxpayers who still have their jobs can receive a credit grant worth 15% of the federal government EITC. Families in Rhode Island who qualify for the EITC program will be receiving an extra tax credit worth around $940, a significant amount of cash assistance meant to be given to struggling families who still struggle financially. As less generous as this program can be, it is very well refundable just as its neighbor Massachusetts and Connecticut operate; their refundable EITC rate stands at 23% and 27.5% respectively.

Rhode Island Works

This program is designed to help those children that are up to 18 years of age, and pregnant women who are struggling with one financial problem or another. The benefits associated with this program include child health care assistance, healthcare coverage for adults and a work readiness package for parents who enrolled in the program. The amount of cash a family receives has a lot to do with their income and the size of their household. As it stands, families who are eligible for this program are those ones with three children but with no paid job yet, they are meant to be receiving a monthly monetary benefit of $554 for the next 24 month (2 years). Single parents who enrolled in this program are expected to work on an average of 20-30 hours per week. To apply click here

Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The SNAP program is designed to help Rhode Island families, children, couples, as well as single adults who may have jobs but still find it challenging to meet up with their financial obligations. To be eligible, you have to be earning less than 185% income according to FPL guideline. On the other hand, qualified individuals under the Food Access Pilot (FAP) program a sub-program of SNAP which was designed to target the disabled, the elderly, and the homeless; participants under the SNAP program can make use of their EBT card to purchase their meals at any of the participating restaurants in the state.  To apply for this program click here

Childcare Assistance Program (CCAOP)

This program was designed to help working families in Rhode Island afford their children’s healthcare. This program is available to eligible families who are within the 180% FPL guideline and are presently working 20 hours per week. This program is not entirely free; eligible families are sometimes required to make a co-payment which is usually not more than 8% of their monthly income.  For more information on how to apply for this program, call the department of human service on 1-855-697-4347 or visit


The RiteCare is called Rhode Island’s Medicaid; it is funded by both state and federal funds. This program is designed to assist families in paying for both medical and other related services for those eligible families who qualified for the Rhode Island Works program. The Rhode Island RiteCare (Medicaid) unlike other Medicaid programs is expended and can now reach qualified adults from 19-64 years of age who live by the 133% FPL guideline. In addition to that, the “Medicaid”, under the Rite Care program, will continue to be accessible for low-income pregnant women, parents, and children alike. Interested applicants can click here for online registration, or they can also request for an application from their DHS office through this phone line 1-855-697-4347, or apply online at

Housing Choice Voucher Program

This program is managed by the Rhode Island housing department, the Housing Choice Voucher program helps qualified families lease or rent any house of their choice that belongs to any of their participating landlords. This program gives vouchers to low-income families in the state including the disabled, and the elderly who’s some portion of their rent will be covered by the program. To qualify for this program, you must be a resident of Rhode Island and must belong to the 50% FPL league. To apply contact the local housing agency in the city or you can well apply online by visiting