Housing Assistance in Rhode Island

Single mothers living in the State of Rhode Island may need housing, financial, rent, utility, or legal assistance for their household. Here we have listed a number of federal, local, and state-based programs that they can make use of.

Section 8- Rhode Island Housing Choice Voucher Program

Rhode Island Housing Choice Voucher Program is one of the well-known federally funded housing programs throughout the country. Section 8 allows low and moderate-income people to choose a house or apartment or the one which they already live in with their family and helps to pay their rent. If you are eligible, it provides rent support based on your economic status. The main purpose of this house is to make sure that every resident who needs rental assistance can afford a decent and low-cost home. To learn more about eligibility criteria, please go to the link https://www.hud.gov/states/rhode_island/renting.

Rhode Island Works Program (Cash Assistance)

This program was formed and has been funded by the State of Rhode Island Department of Human Services. The mission of this program is to provide financial assistance with regard to emergency rental support, utility bills, or other household expenses for low or moderate-income residents. Single mothers facing financial hardship can apply for these benefits. It also offers to help with finding a job or training your skills and abilities to become independent on your own.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be living with your children or expecting a child.
  • You must fulfill the income limits.
  • You must fulfill the property limits.
  • You must participate in work-related projects.
  • You must be a citizen of the State of Rhode Island.

If you can meet these criteria, you can get approximately $600 cash assistance each month. To apply, please follow the link http://www.dhs.ri.gov/Programs/RIWorksEligibility.php or dial 1 800 745 6575.

Road Home Emergency Housing Assistance (RHEHA)

The RHEHA program was formed by the General Assembly in 1973. RHEHA is intended to provide housing assistance for those who are in need. Single moms who are about to become homeless or already are can consider applying for this program. It assists financial support and loans for single mothers. In addition to this, if you need emergency temporary housing, RHEHA can help you with that. To find out more, please contact https://www.rihousing.com/.

Lifeline Telephone Discount

Lifeline Program is a popular federally funded phone discount program across the country. It provides a certain amount of discount phone bills for low-income individuals in Rhode Island. The household income of applicants must be under 135 percent of the Federal Poverty Principles. Single mothers who are unable to pay their phone bills can look into this program. If you are qualified, you can receive a monthly discount on your phone bill. Besides, Lifeline Program can install a new phone service depending on your financial situation. To get more information and apply, please visit https://www.entouchwireless.com/states/rhode-island-lifeline-free-phone-service or by phone at 1 866 488 8719.

Rhode Island Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The Rhode Island Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) was created and has been sponsored by the federal government. This program provides energy assistance for low-income individuals. It presents two options for applicants which are heating assistance and crisis assistance. Heating assistance is cash support for your energy bills if you are eligible. Crisis assistance is an emergency grant for your energy-related needs. Single moms can benefit from these options.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must prove that you are in financial need.
  • You are not required to be on public assistance.
  • Having an unpaid bill is not a necessity.
  • You must be a landlord or renter.

To apply, please visit http://www.dhs.ri.gov/Programs/HEAPProgramInfo.php

Weatherization Assistance Program

The WAP is a federal program that aims to help low-income people with their heating bills. It can increase your energy efficiency and your savings. Single mothers are one of the priority groups for this program. To learn more, please visit http://www.dhs.ri.gov/Programs/WAPProgramInfo.php.

Rhode Island Legal Services (RILS)

RILS is a non-profit legal services organization for families who cannot afford legal assistance. Single moms may face foreclosure or legal issues on various stuff. If they are not able to afford an attorney for their legal case, RILS offers free legal support. To get more information https://www.helprilaw.org/ or call 800 662 5034.

Community Action Program

This is a local organization that aims to help low or moderate-income families with their payments. Particularly single parents can benefit from this program. It can provide cash assistance, transitional housing, or other grants for your specific needs. To learn more https://www.cappri.org/ or contact 401 273 2000.

Rhode Island Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has been serving low-income individuals for a long time. It is a non-profit charity organization. It has various programs in Rhode Island. Some programs can be useful for single mothers. These are Leave a Legacy and Brighten the Holidays. Both of these programs are designed to help families socially and economically. Find out more at https://easternusa.salvationarmy.org/southern-new-england/providence/.

Child & Family

Child & Family is a local non-profit organization that aims to help residents who are in need. Single moms who are about to be homeless can make contact with this organization. It provides temporary housing for their families for up to 24 months until they can afford their own home. Child & Family also provides training courses to make sure that they can be employed. It helps with legal and financial procedures too. It ensures that they live in a decent and affordable house. Empowering women is one of its main legacies. To read more https://childandfamilyri.com/programs-services/adults-families/ or call 401 849 2300.

Lucy’s Hearth

This is a local community where neighbors help each other. Its motto is “from homeless to home”. Lucy’s Hearth provides 24-hour emergency temporary or permanent shelters for families who are homeless because of economic problems. It provides a safe and decent house to rent. To learn more https://www.lucyshearth.org/ or dial 401 857 2021.