Grants for Single Mothers in West Virginia

According to a report, more children grow up in poor homes in the mountain state of West Virginia. Statistically, 23.6% of these children come from poor homes and most of those poor homes are run by single mothers. So for this reason, the state has introduced some key aid programs designed by the state government to assist single mothers in the management of the home front. The major purpose of those programs mentioned below is just to help these women become financially stable so they can be able to support their children’s education, health, etc. Below are some programs designed to support single mothers in West Virginia.

West Virginia Works

This is the state’s version of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program of West Virginia; it provides monthly monetary assistance to families who are eligible for the program.  Its primary goal is helping those families who live below the poverty rate to become self-sufficient. To qualify, you must have a laid down plan made for getting a job as well as provides for your family. Sometimes qualified applicants are entitled to no more than 5 years (60 months) of welfare cheques in their lifetime. Most people in this program also get the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits as well as a Medicaid benefit.  For interested applicants, they should visit the Department of Health and Serves (DHHS) local office by Clicking here to apply.

Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

This is designed to help households with low-income, the disabled, and old people with monetary assistance to enable them to buy food and maintain a balanced diet.  For an individual to qualify for this they must have reached the 130% Federal Poverty Guidelines. Those who are eligible for this program are expected to receive an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EST) card which is very similar to a normal debit card; this card will enable them to make their food purchases at any grocery store or supermarket in the state. Click here for more on the West Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance and possible application.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

This program is meant for pregnant, postnatal women, and breastfeeding mothers, children up to the age of 5, and infants who have met the guidelines of the program or those who have been medically certified as “at nutritional risk”. Just like its counterparts programs, it also helps low-income earners with some free supplemental foods, breastfeeding support, nutrition education, immunization screening and also some other social service needs.  Some of the program’s activity is the school lunch program. Also, those families who qualify for SNAP or WV Works automatically qualify for this program. Interested applicants can Click Hereto apply


This program is designed for people with high medical bills to settle, particularly those with low incomes, elderly people or people with disability. Recently, the government of West Virginia expanded these services under the Medicaid program, to qualify for this program, interested applicants must meet up with the 133% FPL The Medicaid program is meant to pay for hospital services, prescriptions, nursing home care, doctor’s visits, including other necessary medical need of those successful applicants. Click Here for more information and apply for the program.

West Virginia Children’s Health Insurance Program (WV CHIP)

The program is designed to provide health coverage for children without a health insurance policy. It is specifically meant for those families who earn too much to qualify for the Medicaid program but cannot afford some private coverage. The WV CHIP program is designed to be free for families whose income earning is below 300% of the Federal Poverty guidelines. But those families whose income-earning is a bit above the stipulated poverty guidelines are expected to pay some low premiums every month. Click here for more on West Virginia Children’s Health Insurance Program (WV CHIP).

Child Care Assistance Program

This is a financial aid designed to help children who cannot afford their care costs. This program has some high priority areas, few of them includes Kanawha, Clay, and Roane countries. Participation in this program requires meeting up with the same guidelines as WV WORKS. Under this program, qualified applicants are expected to pay for some of the cost while the program takes responsibility for the rest. click here for more on West Virginia Child Care Assistance Program.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)

This program is responsible for helping low-income earners offset the cost of heating and other direct utility payments. To be eligible for the LIEAP program, participants must have to be responsible for their heating costs in their homes and must have an income that ranks below 130% FPL. Interested parties should obtain their application form from the local Department of Health and Human Services or Click Here to apply for the Program.