Help with Bills in Kentucky

The low-income earning single mothers living in Kentucky can lower their expenses by applying to assistance programs provided by several organizations. These services are not only available to single moms but to other members of the community including the elderly, person living with disability, and veterans. These services help them to reduce their spending and this affords them a comfortable lifestyle for their children.

Help with Water Bills

The Louisville Water Foundation has a mission to offer water education and water assistance. The Foundation provides assistance through water education efforts support programs that aim to provide safe drinking water. They contribute a share of all donations to assist low-income families, including single mothers in the community to maintain water supply. The Foundation helps clients, who are behind in paying their water bill. They offer budgeting and financial planning to customers. The organization relieves the unexpected emergency and further avoids more emergencies from happening.

Help with Heating Bills

The team Kentucky has resources that are helpful to families and individuals who require assistance in paying utilities. These funds are obtainable through public and state housing authorities. The objectives of the Healthy at Home Relief Fund are to:

  1. Decrease the occurrence of eviction cases
  2. Help with heating bills
  3. Enable landlords to attain payments for back rent
  4. Clear utility bills in arrears

Help with Healthcare and Medical Bills

The Healthy Kentucky organization is dedicated to tackling the health needs of the community by developing effective health policies, increasing access to care, decreasing disparities and health risks, and boosting health equity. The organization identifies and invests in necessary opportunities to meet health needs of single mothers. They evaluate the efficiency of programs and adjust the approach to suit those in need.

Help with Transportation Bills

The Kentucky Helping Hands is a non-profit foundation committed to linking all resources to provide all-inclusive access and support for those in need including single moms. The assistance caters for healthcare, transportation, financial assistance, and housing. They help clients to establish their needs, and develop a plan to permanently change their lives. Many assistance programs offered include transportation, food, and shelter.

Help with Food and Meals

The Jessamine County Food Pantry provides food to those in need. They have a fast and easy food distribution process. To be eligible for the assistance, applicants are required to show a photo ID and a current utility bill that clearly indicates the address.

Help with Household Items

Amen House gives household items and personal care to eligible applicants. They sustain their services through household items, cash and food donations.  The single mom families can benefit from other in-house programs and community partners, working together to offer opportunities for beneficiaries to transition from poverty to full self-sustainability. Some eligibility requirements include a photo ID and proof of income.

Help with Clothes

The Brighton Center manages a Clothing Closet thrift store that offers affordable, quality, clothing and household items to single moms in need and to individuals hunting for a bargain. The store is sustained by donations and discounted items offered by other shops. The thrift store allows those in need to afford clothing. The assistance at the shop is only given to cash paying customers. The center helps families and individuals to sort out issues that inhibit people from being independent, helping them overcome the obstacles in their lives. They provide a wide variety of programs and services that encompass attaining basic needs, workforce development, adult and early childhood education, affordable accommodation, adolescence services, monetary education and counseling, as well as neighborhood based programs.

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