Housing Assistance in North Dakota

It may not be enough to have a job to afford a household in North Dakota. Some federal, state and charity-based organizations are also aware of this situation. They present a broad range of programs for low-income families and single mothers. These programs provide financial assistance, rental assistance, cash assistance, legal support, and utility support.

North Dakota Section 8 Housing Voucher Assistance Program

North Dakota Section 8 Housing Voucher Assistance Program is managed by the federal government. The principal aim of this program is to make sure that every resident in financial hardship has rent or housing assistance for their household. Single mothers facing poverty are the primary beneficiaries of this opportunity. When you apply for this program, it may take a while for them to answer you back since they have a waiting list in North Dakota. To see eligibility requirements and more, please visit https://www.hud.gov/states/north_dakota/renting.

North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHA)

The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency was formed and has been administered by the State of North Dakota. This agency aims to provide decent and affordable housing for those in need. When you become an eligible applicant, they make sure that your rent is low cost. You can be offered affordable mortgage opportunities based on your financial situation. You can find out more at https://www.ndhfa.org/ or call 800 292 86 21.

North Dakota Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is one of the most popular federal government programs across the country. LIHEAP in North Dakota offers to pay certain parts of your gas, electricity, fuel oil, coal, or some other utility bills. LIHEAP helps not only with your utility bills, but also offers emergency assistance concerning necessities in your house. You can be either a landlord or a renter to be qualified for this program. To find out about the details, please follow the link https://www.nd.gov/dhs/services/financialhelp/energyassist.html.

Low-Income Telephone Assistance Program (LITAP)

The federal government also has programs which are called Lifeline and Link-Up to provide phone assistance. Single moms facing financial difficulties and are not able to pay their phone bills can apply for these programs. Link Up offers to make a particular discount on your phone bill depending on your financial situation. On the other hand, Lifeline provides particular cash assistance for low or moderate-income residents of North Dakota. If you are a single mother living in the tribal lands of North Dakota, you can have a special discount on your phone bill. This program is known as the Tribal Link-Up Program. To learn more about these programs and apply, please follow the link https://www.entouchwireless.com/states/north-dakota-lifeline-free-phone-service.

North Dakota Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

The North Dakota Weatherization Assistance Program is supported by the federal government and directed by the North Dakota Department of Commerce to improve energy efficiency for low and moderate-income families’ houses. Single mothers wondering about energy efficiency can apply for this program. To see eligibility requirements and more, please visit https://www.communityservices.nd.gov/lowincomeprograms/weatherizationassistance.

Nodak Electric Cooperative

The Nodak Electric Cooperative is an electric company that has a program called Operation Round-Up. The company provides utility assistance for people facing financial difficulties in North Dakota. Moreover they offer emergency assistance, shelter support, rent support, clothing, and other community necessities for low and moderate-income residents. To learn more about eligibility requirements, you can find more information at https://www.nodakelectric.com/.

The Legal Services of North Dakota

The Legal Services of North Dakota is a civil rights advocacy institution that provides free legal support to people facing legal issues. Single mothers facing forced eviction or having legal problems with their landlord, or trying to find a lawyer for their case can consult them. For more information, visit  http://www.legalassist.org/ or dial 800 634 5263 or 866 621 9886.

North Dakota Catholic Charities

North Dakota Catholic Charities is a local non-governmental organization. This organization assists emergency assistance for residents living in poverty. Single mothers who require emergency assistance can get in touch with them. If you need household items for your home or having special financial issues that need to be solved, you can call North Dakota Catholic Charities. To find out more https://www.catholiccharitiesnd.org/ or call 701 235 4457.

The Salvation Army North Dakota

The Salvation Army is an international organization that serves throughout the country. This organization promotes several programs concerning rental assistance and utility support for low-income families. Single mothers facing financial hardship with paying their rent or utilities may consider this option. To learn more https://www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/.

Capital Electric Cooperative, Inc.

This is another local utility company that was created by the donations of the customers. It provides cash assistance for eligible families depending on their economic situation. To find out more https://capitalelec.com/ or call 701 223 1513.

Continuum of Care (CoC)

The Continuum of Care aims to reduce homelessness in North Dakota. Single moms who are about to become homeless or already homeless can consider applying for this program. If you need housing assistance, please read more about this organization https://ndcontinuumofcare.org/.

North Dakota Homeless Grant (NDHG)

The North Dakota Homeless Grant was created by the State of North Dakota to offer financial support for low and moderate-income families. If you need financial or housing assistance, you may consider applying for this grant. The Division of Community Services within this grant promotes cash assistance for homeless families in North Dakota. Furthermore, they can offer cash assistance for your utilities, furnishings, or other necessities in your home. Please visit https://www.communityservices.nd.gov/communitydevelopment/Programs/NorthDakotaHomelessGrantNDHG/.

Fargo-Moorhead Coalition to End Homelessness

Fargo-Moorhead Coalition to End Homelessness is a local non-profit organization that aims to prevent homelessness as its name signifies. This community prioritizes single mothers who are facing homelessness in North Dakota. If you are having housing issues, please contact this local organization. Visit https://www.fmhomeless.org/.

Fraser Ltd. Permanent Supportive Housing Program

Fraser Ltd. is a non-profit organization that works for junior residents of North Dakota. They have a housing program called Permanent Supportive Housing Program. Homeless single mothers who are between the ages of 18 and 26 can be eligible for this option. If you are qualified, you can have rental assistance for up to 12 months. The funds of this organization can be limited. Hence, it matters that you apply as quickly as possible. To find out more https://fraserltd.org/.

Bismarck-Mandan Native American Development Center

Bismarck-Mandan Native American Development Center is a special non-governmental organization in North Dakota. This center offers housing assistance for Native American people living in North Dakota. Some of their services are:

  • Low-cost housing assistance.
  • Help with homeownership through all processes.
  • Financial counseling classes.
  • Cash assistance.

Native single mothers who can make use of these services of this center can get in touch with them. Please find out more at https://www.ndnativecenter.org/.