Help with Rent – North Dakota

Rental payments tend to take up a huge portion of one’s income, this causes low-income earning single mothers to have challenges in adequately providing for their families. They often have to forego essentials such as utility bills, food, medical bills, and transport expenses just to cover the accommodation. State, federal and private organizations have developed programs to ensure that single mothers and their children are safe and well taken care of. This article will explain a few instrumental programs, the assistance they offer, and the eligibility requirements attached to the assistance program.

Eviction and Legal Assistance in North Dakota

A non-profit organization known as the High Fair Housing Center aims to achieve equal housing opportunities. They help people that are facing housing discrimination. The organization explains the fair housing laws to the victim and they help them with assessing possible options. The center offers activities and educational programs to widen the knowledge around fair housing by hosting conferences and training, issue out publications, coordinate activities for housing providers as well. Assistance is given to people that are being discriminated against when trying to rent or purchase a home. The Center will then conduct an initial investigation of possible housing discrimination. The main objective of High Plains Fair Housing Center is to support communities and to guarantee the same access to fair housing in the area utilizing advocacy, training, enforcement, and education.

Shelter Assistance in North Dakota

The Red River Valley Community Action (RRVCA) is a non-profit organization that provides referrals and assistance with emergency necessities such as rent deposits, eviction notices, and utility disconnections to an eligible applicant. They also offer assistance with general home repairs, weatherizing homes, and replacing water heaters and furnaces, or repairing them. Home rehabilitation services are available as well as low-interest loans that can be used for home repair. They also run a food pantry, which facilitates the distribution of fresh food to deliver nutritious food to beneficiaries for free charge. The RRVCA collaborates with private and public organizations on their efforts to help low-income earning families and individuals to develop their lives.  They help members of the community to acquire the knowledge, skills, education, and motivation they require to attain financial freedom for the rest of their lives. To qualify for the programs, applicants must align with the state or federal income guidelines.

Rental Home Improvement Assistance in North Dakota

The Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity runs rehabilitation and new home construction programs to assist families with their home repairs and help them to become first-time home buyers. Qualifying applicants must be keen on attending application workshops and classes on home maintenance. The organization works to provide a fraction of the funding needed to cover the expenses of the projects. A small fee accompanies the application.

Housing Authority Assistance in North Dakota

The South Dakota Housing Development Authority (SDHDA) is dedicated to offering inexpensive rental housing. They do this by conserving the inexpensive rental housing standard through encouraging property developments and extending rental assistance and affordability agreements. The housing authority works directly with federal agencies to provide programs that preserve safe housing and avail reasonably priced rental properties to low-income earning families, individuals, seniors, and persons living with disabilities. There are privately owned rental properties where a fraction of the rent is paid by the federal government. To qualify, applicants must align with the eligibility requirements for income and the specifications of the rental property considered. The rent is based on income guidelines established at the stage where the rental property was financed. Rental payments will tend to be lower and will vary from one property to another.