Grants for Single Mothers in Nevada

The state of Nevada is trendy due to the buzzing activities of Las Vegas and the beautiful scenery that spans across the state. However, despite this glamorous lifestyle the state is known for, it is interesting to note that 1 out of 3 single mothers in Nevada lives in poverty. If you are a single mom in the state, struggling to survive on your low income, there are chances that you will not see much of what Nevada has to offer. You are there trying to offset your bills, set food on the table for your children, and also have much to worry about on their health.

Well, you might need to know that there are a lot of financial grants and assistance available to single mothers in Nevada. Let’s take a look at some of the ones that you can easily access.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

The Temporary Financial Assistance for Needy Families is a program that has been a source of sustenance for most single mothers in Nevada. TANF has presence all across the federation, but they may have different guidelines from state to state. So it is essential that you check out the link below to know about the requirements in Nevada. You can also call 775-684-7200

With TANF, you can get as much as 60 months of financial support, but it is designed to be temporary pending the time you can get yourself back on the ground and gain employment.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

The WIC program in Nevada, just as it is in other states of the federation, assists pregnant women. Breastfeeding mothers, and also their children can also apply. They will be provided with healthcare and nutritional assistance. You can enroll as a single mother by dialing this number to get more information: 1-800-853-8711

Head Start

The Head Start program is a federal program designed to provide relief for needy families. Children of these families can get benefits via educational supports, and parents can also get free counseling. To apply for the program, you need to be eligible. You can send your applications HERE or call 702-486-6626

Unemployment Insurance

If you are not under any employment at the moment, and your status is as a result of unfair dismissal, you can access the Nevada Unemployment Insurance Fund, if you are eligible. You can connect with the Department of Labor via 888-890-8211 if you desire to file a claim

CCDF Child Care Program

This is a program run by the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, and it is aimed at helping single moms and low-income families with the extra expenses needed to care for their children. Children that are up to the age of 12 years can benefit from the program. Call 1-775-856-6200


If you are not insured with any healthcare program, and you have an income that qualifies you to get coverage, then you can apply for the Medicaid program to cover for you and your family. 877-638-347

Legal Services Assistance

There is a vast database of legal support and services available to single mothers in Nevada, through the Nevada Legal Services Program. If you need more information on how you can tap into the program, you can call 775-284-3491 if you are in Reno Nevada, 775-883-0404 for Carson City and Las Vegas, 702-386-0404.

Energy Assistance Program

The goal of the EAP is to help low-income single mothers in Nevada with a high cost of energy. The program is funded through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program block grant and also from the Universal Energy Charge funds. For inquiries, you can call 702-486-140.

Self-Sufficiency Grant Program

The SSG grant is a one-off grant that you can access as a TANF family, if you are waiting for your 1st paycheck, or just starting a job, or you are on a temporary leave at your job. The amount you can access through the SSG will be based on the immediate need of your family.

Telephone Bill Discount Program

This program is available to single moms in Nevada. It is generally believed that not everyone in the state might be able to afford the latest smartphone accessories and the bills. To ensure no family is denied a phone as a result of the cost of services, the government has offered a discount on your monthly services. As a single mother, you can get discounting as much as $9.25 in a month on service bills. To get the list of the companies that offer this kind of service, CHECK HERE

Housing Assistance

Of course, staying homeless is not an option for single mothers with their kids. No matter where you live in Nevada, you need a safe and comfortable home to raise your family. If you need any assistance in finding a suitable home/accommodation or support to pay your mortgage or rent, you can visit