Help with Bills in Indiana

Utility Assistance and Help with Bills - Indiana

Single mothers can be empowered by giving them access to utility assistance therefore leading to better living conditions. These programs are there to cushion single mom’s financial burden on their income. This will allow them to be more independent, self-sustained, and be able to earn a good living for their children to live a better life. This article seeks to bring to light assistance programs offered by numerous organizations in the State of Indiana. The facilities are offered either at discounted prices or for free to the eligible beneficiaries.

Help with Electricity Bill in Indiana

The Indianapolis Power and Light Company (IPL) has an emergency relief fund which is established from the donations contributed by the company and customers as well. The company initiated the program with input from stakeholders and community groups to give a helping hand to single moms during their time of need. There is an option for one-time assistance which is accessible to customers who are income-qualified. The customer must be having a balance of at least $50 and have been given a disconnection notice. They have partnered with a non-profit known as the Dollar Energy Fund, which administers funds to pay bills. The Dollar Energy Fund collaborates with local agencies to accept grant applications.

Help with Heating Bill in Indiana

The Community Action of Greater Indianapolis (CAGI) is a non-profit that aims to promote the independence of their beneficiaries. The organization does weatherization services for the homes of eligible clients. The main goal of this programs is to fix all safety issues related to household appliances such as stoves, furnaces, and water heaters. This improves the energy efficiency of houses and this decreases the energy cost to the household. The contractors carry out weatherization activities that consist of sealing ductwork, blowing insulation into attics and walls, and insulating crawl spaces. Once the inspection and testing is completed, they might replace or repair furnaces or water heaters.

Help with Healthcare / Medical Bill in Indiana

The Ross Township organization provides emergency financial assistance to low-income earning single moms. The fund can be utilized for the payment of medical bills, utilities, rentals, and burial expenses. Some of the eligibility requirements include:

  1. Current ID
  2. Registration to a Workfare program
  3. Utility bill with guidelines
  4. Prescriptions for non-narcotic drugs
  5. Doctor’s bill

The link below provides detailed information on the eligibility for the assistance program.

Help with Transportation Bill in Indiana

The Ride Community Transportation Network (CTN) is an organization that was established to relieve the burden of high transportation costs subsequently allowing single mothers to save their earnings.

Help with Food/ Meals in Indiana

Servant's Heart is a non-profit organization that was launched to assist individuals and families through their program that provides food amongst other essential needs. The organization is supported by various groups such as churches, civic groups, individuals, corporations, and volunteers. They do not only offer food assistance but single mothers can also receive furniture, clothing, and household items.

Help with Household Items in Indiana

Julian Center runs a thrift shop known as Thrifty Threads where single mothers have access to gently used furniture, home goods, and clothes. They can find household items such linens, books, small appliances, and toys.

Help with Clothes in Indiana

Outfitters is an organization that offers school age children new and gently used clothing. Each child on the program is given a voucher to shop at the store. To ensure privacy of the client, shopping is done through an appointment. The shop has modern clothing which children and teens would be excited to wear.