Rent Assistance in Indiana

Help with Rent - Indiana

Having the responsibility to provide for children can be overwhelming, particularly when the costs of living are constantly rising. Single mothers often find themselves compromising on essential needs to be able to provide accommodation for their family. This article is intended to help single mothers navigate through various programs and services available in the State of Indiana.

State Programs

The Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance (IERA) is a state-managed rental assistance program. 12 months of rental assistance is offered to eligible applicants and they will have access to home energy and utility assistance with overdue bills as well as internet assistance with internet expenses that are in arrears. For single mothers to be eligible for the program, they must:

  1. Be unemployed or have their household income reduced.
  2. Be on the verge of being homeless or experiencing housing instability.
  3. Be low-income earners.

Churches/Charities Assistance

The non-profit known as the Housing Opportunities is certified by the state of Indiana to serve residents. They work to provide much-needed resources to families and individuals. The organization is sustained by the community to resolve issues and challenges that cause homelessness to single-mother families, seniors, children, and adults. They receive funding from the federal and state government, local partners, community volunteers, and donors. Volunteers at the center organize fundraising events, stock up the food pantry, and attend to guests needing assistance.

Eviction/ Legal Assistance

Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (FHCCI) is a private firm and it is a non-profit housing organization. They aim to guarantee that the whole community receives the same housing opportunities by eradicating housing discrimination. They do this through education, advocacy, and enforcement. The Advocacy Program was established to protect families and individuals who are victims of housing problems caused by discrimination. They help applicants to comprehend their civil rights and review the lawful actions they can take. To ascertain the presence of unlawful discrimination, the firm does an investigation, both systematic and client-based. Once the process is completed, the firm takes a step towards the appropriate enforcement actions which will resolve the discovered case.

Rental Home Improvement Assistance

The Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) offers affordable housing to the residents. It is a non-profit organization. The organization helps rural and low-income residents to access funding and information to enhance their knowledge on ways to acquire appropriate housing.  They provide affordable housing, manage rental properties, and housing for farm workers. Their rental residents are offered various services and education on a topic that is vital to renters. These services are enabled by partner organizations. Through funding from the state, local, federal, and private sources; the rental housing department improves areas with low-income earners. The improvements include rehabilitation, new construction, historic rehabilitation, and preservation of houses. They strive to deliver inexpensive housing and services to families and individuals in the community. Their rental properties usually include facilities such as a garden area, playground, dryer facility, and open space.

Housing Authority Assistance

The Affordable Housing and Community Development Corporation (AHC) is an organization that is dedicated to the development and maintenance of inexpensive housing. They direct funding towards revitalizing neighborhoods to enhance the standard of living for the community. They provide opportunities for quality education, sufficiently paying jobs, suitable transportation choices, reasonably priced healthcare, secure public areas, and civic leadership. The AHC functions as an intermediate between a private and public investment with plenty of places and people residing in the communities they serve. This non-profit corporation provides housing counseling services, foreclosure prevention services, and community housing development services. A single mother can also be assisted to find suitable housing, with low rental payment, for their family. They offer information to enlighten renters about the landlord and tenant obligations and rights.​ ​