Grants for Single Mothers in Durham, Greensboro and Winston Salem

There are countless numbers of nonprofit organizations and government agencies that offer assistance with housing, feeding, education, house rent, child care, etc. If you are a single mother in Durham, Greensboro and Winston Salem, resources have been listed here that can be pivotal and will help relieve some expenses on your table.

Financial Assistance For Single Mothers in Durham

Child Care Services Association Durham County (919) 403-6950

Child Care Services Durham is a local county office that controls the affairs of subsidized child care services. North Carolina's Division of Child Development makes the provisions of funded child care services to qualified families by using the state and federal funds through a locally administered state-supervised voucher system. For more information, visit

Help Paying Rent in Durham

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh (919)-286-1964

The Catholic Charities has a location in Durham County.  Single moms could access food, clothing, baby items, or financial assistance. Other forms of support are provided when available, such as small children's clothing and baby items, such as formula and diapers, which are provided at their office.

Urban Ministries of Durham (919)-220-8757

Urban Ministries of Durham assists more than six thousand residents of Durham yearly. This nonprofit runs a homelessness prevention program to help and avoid evictions. Food and clothing assistance is also given.

Durham County Salvation Army

The Salvation Army North Carolina runs emergency assistance and case management programs in Durham. Single Mothers could be eligible to receive cash grants, holiday assistance, furniture and clothing, and employment skills here.

Durham North Carolina Food Pantries

Food banks are available in Durham to help meet your nutritional needs.

End Hunger Durham

You will find all the food pantries in Durham at

Durham Free Clinics

Free clinics strive to provide comprehensive medical services at discounted rates. Services like medications, checkups, counseling can be given for free at these centers.


Financial Assistance for Single Moms in Greensboro

Greensboro Urban Ministry (336-271-5959)

The Greensboro Urban Ministry is a charitable organization located in Greensboro.  They operate various programs such as food pantry, shelter and housing assistance, and emergency support. The Emergency Assistance Program (EAP) provides food items, financial aid, and clothing to those in need.

There are some requirements for EAP qualification, and there will be an interview for those seeking cash grants.

St. Vincent de Paul Society Greensboro

Another nonprofit that can give out emergency cash is the St Vincent De Paul Society in Greensboro. Though the amount they offer may be low, it should go a long way in offsetting few debts and paying off some bills. Their office is located at S109 W Smith St, Greensboro, NC 27401, or reach them on the telephone on (336)-272-0336.

High Point Salvation Army

The Highpoint Salvation Army is a social service organization aimed at giving residents a fighting chance.  When funding is available, they can give out cash grants for paying rent, utility bills, household goods, and groceries. Families facing eviction can get transitional housing from this institution. Contact them on (336) 881-5400 or visit their official website at

Greensboro Housing Authority

The housing authority of Greensboro provides residents with affordable apartments. Their goal is to provide safe and quality housing to Greensboro residents. Due to limited resources and slots, there is a waiting list for those who apply. Get more at or call the Greensboro Housing Authority on (336)-274-3236)

Welfare Reform Liaison Project

People looking for jobs will find the Welfare Reform Liaison office useful in their making their job search easier. This nonprofit offers employment training where residents can learn new skills. The course provided is focused on providing students with the necessary skills they require to compete in the competitive job market. Get more details at

Community clinics in Greensboro

Residents of Greensboro can get the medical care they need at the different community clinics in the city. A full list of free clinics in Greensboro can be found at

Food Banks in Greensboro

Good food is essential for the growth and survival of every human. There are food pantries whose goal is to ensure that everyone, no matter the class or social standing, gets a good meal. is a directory of all food banks in the Greensboro area.


Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Winston Salem

Winston-Salem Urban League

The Urban League of Winston Salem offers job education and referrals to employment. They could assist in securing a job. Ring more details at

Free Health Clinics in Winston Salem

Community Care Center (336)-723-6722) can offer free medical services thanks to the medical professionals that volunteer there.

Free Legal Assistance and Advice

Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC) is a legal firm that has offices across the state of North Carolina. They provide free legal services and counsel to those who cannot afford quality legal representation. The mission is to ensure every resident has access to justice and fair representation.