Grants for Single Mothers in New Orleans

Programs for Single Mothers in New Orleans

New Orleans, the largest city in the state of Louisiana, boasts of many grants and financial assistance programs that single moms can access. The town hosts several organizations, both private and government-funded programs that help residents with food, healthcare, rent, and many others. Single mothers in the city of New Orleans can enroll or apply for these programs. Most of these programs can provide partial assistance, while some will give full financial aid when necessary.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in New Orleans

Single mothers and families that have limited resources or that are low-income earners can get benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). In New Orleans,two centers provide access to nutritional assistance. They are The Orleans Economic Stability Office Midtown New Orleans and St Bernard Economic Stability Office New Orleans. To schedule an appointment, you can call  (1-888-524-3578) or visit their website at for more inquires.

Housing and Shelter Assistance in New Orleans

Unity of Greater New Orleans has traditional housing programs that come with various types of accommodation options. It could be long and short-term congregate housing, residential housing, and rental assistance in distributed apartments for persons or families that are homeless. The New Orleans 2-1-1 online database has a list of several community shelters where you can stay in an emergency.

Energy Assistance for Single Mothers in New Orleans

Low-income families and single mothers that are living in New Orleans can get assistance from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program(LIHEAP). Single moms can get help in meeting their monthly utility and energy bills. Total Community Action, Inc administers LIHEAP in New Orleans, and they can provide cash for various utility bills and home improvements. You can book an appointment online at or dial (504) 872-0334 for more details.

Help with Telephone Bills in New Orleans

Residents of New Orleans, Louisiana, who may have difficulty paying for their telephone bills, can apply and benefit from the Lifeline program. The lifeline program helps low-income earners with a discount on monthly telephone bills.

Help with Childcare in New Orleans

The Child Care Assistance Program(CCAP) is managed by the Department of Education (LDE) of Louisiana. The CCAP helps low-income single mothers and families to pay for childcare, while they are attending training or school or working. New Orleans boast of several agencies that are running Head Start and Early Head start programming. Organizations like Catholic Charities New Orleans, Urban League of Greater New Orleans, Total Community Action, and many others.

Medical Care for Single Mothers in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans boasts of clinics where residents who cannot afford health care services can visit to get medical care. The town has a devoted page that talks about getting access to healthcare services through health insurance. There is another webpage that lists all the free or low-cost health clinics, community health centers, and public health department clinics. Single mothers in New Orleans that cannot afford childcare can look up these clinics to benefit from these centers. If you are a single mom in New Orleans, you will find the free clinic closest to you here.

Help with Legal Matters in New Orleans

Low-income individuals and single mothers that are living in New Orleans and cannot afford legal services can contact the Louisiana Legal Services. There are lots of nonprofit agencies that can assist those that cannot afford the cost of professional legal services. You can check up Louisiana 2-1-1 to know more about the options available to you.

Financial Counseling Help in New Orleans

Single moms that have monetary issues can apply to the Consumer Credit Counseling Service(CCCS) of the Greater New Orleans program. This CCCS is a nonprofit community service agency that helps to educate consumers on the proper use of credit. They also help customers to repay debt.

Cash Assistance In New Orleans

New Orleans residents can get the much needed financial assistance they need due to the presence of several charity organizations in the city. One organization is The Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans, which provides various resources to the needy. Irrespective of race, religion, background, help will be provided by this nonprofit. Some of the assistance they can render is but not limited to free meals, emergency rent, education, counseling, among others. Their website is, or you can dial 504-523-3755 for more details.

Food Pantries in New Orleans

Many food banks are located throughout the city of New Orleans that offer free meals. Thousands of New Orleans residents use their services all year round. Love in Action Outreach (504-309-5898) has served over 3.5 million pounds of food to New Orleans residents since 2005. This nonprofit organization also provides other resources to individuals and families in the time of need. The Second Harvesters Food Bank of Greater New Orleans is another nonprofit organization that serves meals to various distribution centers. It aims to provide nutritious meals to low-income families and individuals across the state of Louisiana, including New Orleans. Call 504-734-1322 to know how to get your meals.

More food banks are in New Orleans, which people utilize to satisfy their nutritional needs. To get the full list of food pantries in New Orleans, please visit

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