10 Dating Tips for Single Moms

As a single mom, you know that looking after your kids is a full-time job already – even before you factor in your regular work, house chores, and your social life. Is it possible to fix your love life in between the many responsibilities? Well, keep reading...

It Is Okay to Be Busy; You Don’t Have to Apologize for That

Of course, you will try to respond to every chat during the early stages of your dating life. If your relationship has to work, make your date understand that you got some responsibilities too. It means your meeting will be more convenient during weekends, probably when the kids are with someone else. Don't allow yourself to be put under the pressure of meeting up more often when you know you can’t afford that. Let them understand that you are a single mom, and you have kids who depend on you. Don't apologize for being too busy to meetups.

Honesty Is Key!

Always be honest about your current situation. Let your date know if you have young children who are taking most of your time. Your date will understand and appreciate the time you spend with them Remember, your kids should come first, and your date needs to accept your situation as it is.

Avoid Limiting Your Options

It is important to keep your options open in dating life. A parent will understand what bringing up kids looks like. But that doesn't mean you have to keep your options limited to only single parents. Some people don't care if you have kids because all they want is your time and commitment to the relationship. So, don't let single parenting limit your dating options. Ensure you feature the fact that you have kids in your profile and let them choose whether they want to keep you.

Don’t Underestimate Your Worth!

You don’t have to make compromises just to find someone who will accept you and your kids. While most single moms tend to make such compromises, you shouldn’t do that. Remember, it is a new relationship, and it could affect you and your kids. Make your decisions wisely and ensure you are not wasting your precious time in the relationship.

Give Yourself Some Treats in Some Hot Places

Dating gives you the opportunity of treating yourself to fancy places and have fun you wouldn't due to kids. This will also provide you with the opportunity of getting to know your date better. Try a more active date and experience the fun!

Be Open and Tell Your Kids What Is Going On

Sneaking a new man into the house when kids aren’t watching isn’t cool. Instead, why don't you let them know about your plans beforehand? Of course, directly mentioning that you are dating someone can be tricky. Just ensure your kids are not left in the dark. You don't want them to get shocked when they wake you up in the middle of a night, only to find a stranger around their house!

Put Your Phone Away When You Go on A Date

Yes, you need to be contactable when you leave the house. But that doesn't mean you have to keep looking at your phone when you are on a date. Instead, why not keep it on vibration mode and put it in your pocket. That way, you will know when it is ringing. Don't let your phone control you. Allow yourself to bond with your date on a deeper level.

Let Your Ex Know That You Are Dating Again

Doing the right thing is crucial when you want to move on as a single mom. If your ex is still involved, you need to let him know that you are seeing someone. You don't have to give every detail about your dates. Just letting them know is enough, but be sure it's someone you see a future with.

Let Your Former Relationship Stay in The Past

Comparing your new date to your past relationships seems very easy. If you feel you still have trust issues, be very careful. Ask yourself if they have given you any reason not to trust them. Stop thinking about the worst possibilities and live in the present.

Wait Until You Are Confident with The Person You Are Dating Before Introducing Them to Your Kids

You need to know that not everyone meets their love on the first date and you are not an exemption. Take your time. You don’t want to introduce your kids to different men because you are not keen enough. Wait until you can see a future with the person you are dating. When you finally decide to introduce him to your kids, ensure it is agreed by both parties.

Choose the Best Profile Picture for Your Online Dating Profile

Choosing the best profile picture can be overwhelming. Whether you have too many pictures to pick from or you are just shy of facing the camera, putting your face forward online can be challenging. Remember, the first impression matters a lot when it comes to online dating. Recent studies reveal that photos that show your smile are 23% more likely to be liked. Also, photos with a black and white filter are more 100 times more likely to receive likes than colored ones.