Best Online Divorce Services

Getting a divorce is challenging, both emotionally and financially. A couple can spend more than $20,000 in paying divorce legal fees to bring their marriage to an end. We both know this is a lot of money that could be invested in the kids' education or something else. This is the main reason why most people go for online divorce services. You can save thousands of dollars if you turn to file your divorce online. It, however, works best if you both agree to end your marriage.

It’s Over Easy

One of the best online divorce services is It’s Over Easy. Its platform takes you through the process of ending your marriage, filing your divorce papers, and asking relevant questions in the friendliest manner. Of course, It's Over Easy does not offer one of the cheapest online divorce services. But its premium plans allow you to handle everything. This platform is also known for its simplicity.

  • It offers a free trial of its premium plan. This allows you to preview divorce papers.
  • You are guaranteed that the court will accept your divorce paperwork without any arising issues. It's Over Easy records a 95% court approval rate.
  • The negotiations on settlement agreements are handled on its online platform.
  • It is expensive.
  • You do everything on your own.
  • Once you have started using the service, you have to pay; there are no refunds.
  • It takes up to two business days to get your documents ready for download.


LegalZoom offers an easy-to-operate platform with accessible customer support. It is the leading online company in the industry with less great offers – pay $499 and get your divorce forms completed and filed. Read more about LegalZoom at

  • Guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Guarantees that your divorce paperwork will be accepted by your state court.
  • Easy to navigate through the process.
  • The divorce papers are reviewed once complete before they are handed to you.
  • It is the most expensive online divorce service.
  • They do not give a detailed explanation of their services.
  • It is not easy to locate the chat function on the site.


Do you want to process your divorce documents within a short period? 3StepDivorce will have your divorce forms ready within half an hour. Find out more at

  • You can make payments in installments.
  • Your divorce papers will ready after completion.
  • There is a guarantee of acceptance of your divorce paperwork by the court.
  • It is hard to navigate through the site.
  • No staff member or attorney reviews your papers once they are complete.
  • There are no attorneys available to respond to your queries.


DivorceWriter offers online divorce services at the cheapest prices in the industry.

  • Guarantees that your divorce papers will be accepted by your state court.
  • It offers services at a cheaper price. It offers the completion of your divorce forms at a flat fee of $137, making it the cheapest online divorce service existing in the industry.
  • The process is easy to navigate through. DivorceWriter offers a simple way to process your divorce documents.
  • They provide refunds should issues arise in court after presenting your paperwork.
  • There are no attorneys available for consultations.
  • The chat function for customer service is not available.
  • Its services are available in specific states.
  • Its website is outdated.

Find out more at


MyDivorcePapers offers to complete your divorce forms at a flat fee of $139. The platform also provides you with a case manager who will take you through the whole process of filing your divorce online. You can also have access to their contact, including email address and phone line. MyDivorcePapers keep you well informed about the important changes in your state’s laws through their blog. Its state-specific legal forms are up-to-date, making it the best option if you are looking to divorce across two states. Learn more at

  • It guarantees that your papers will be accepted by your state court.
  • Full refund if there are issues with your papers.
  • It offers a dedicated case manager to take you through the process.
  • Your divorce forms are reviewed by a staff member, or an attorney before being handed to you.
  • You can instantly download your completed divorce forms or request shipping to your place.
  • There is no option of filing forms with the courthouse.
  • You will incur an additional $24.84 per month if your services go beyond 30 days.
  • There are reports of poor customer service. Customers reports long waiting periods to get in touch with the customer support team.

What to Consider When Selecting Online Divorce Services

There are many online divorce services available to you. But how do you identify the best ones? What do you need to consider? Well, the quality of service is crucial if you are looking to buy a product, especially online. How do you know if the services are of good quality? Check for reviews online. Look for things such as customer support, spousal engagement, as well as the charges.